10 warning signs of a car


10 warning signs of a car.
   People use the car today. Some people may just drive to work and then home. Someone to drive it far.
The country. There are many people who drive alone. Without interest or empathy of the car itself.
That is unusual? Both the car all cars should have taken care of and check out before.
All travel times To security in life.
   “Managing the Motor ???” is recommended for checking how your car with 10 basic alarms to indicate that your car is worrisome symptoms.

1 alarms

     We can tell the symptoms are signs of abnormal car. Nerves using both the 5 see, hear and smell the tangible parts, and to try out. If noticed something unusual. Klik to check and make repairs as soon as possible. Before damage to other devices more than ever.
2nd motor

     Engine is the heart of the car. If the engine has the following symptoms:
    – A red-hot too. Not to drive? Waste heat is upward.
    – A cold. Even the drive reasonable distance. Thermometer needle has not wiggle
    – Unusually noisy from the engine.
    Should lead to the specific conditions of service brands.
3, Yang

     The wear of a tire are not tell us that the unusual rubber?
    – Not the middle rubber wheels. Wear over the edge. Fill air show that is too hard.
    – Not wearing rubber rim over the middle. Show that filled breeze too.
    – Not wear either of the two tires. Show that the vertical angle of the tires do not meet.
    – Rubber is not cut off any show that formation of the gum belt parallel with the mobile vehicle.
    The cradle to the car wheel center. Or adjust the tire pressure.
4, direction, 

     the Alliance has a problem. Gives control gear. Do not ignore these symptoms.
    – ??, Inc., slippery, or they do not close ?? the Alliance. Key, or pedal ?? the Alliance. But difficult to put into gear.
    – The Alliance for ?? noisy When a key step for ?? direction,
    – Key to performance, ?? shake up and down while driving.
    Should bring the car cradle to repair the lower range. Service center or specific brands.
5 gears.

     Gear change force would tweak the engine speed to suit.
    Warning that the gear is a problem.
    – Noisy when the gear is available. Or any gear to gear one.
    – Difficult to change gears. Have jam To move or stay.
    – Noisy when the gears of the pedal, the Alliance ??.
    – A gear lubricant regorge
    Should bring the car to check the cradle Room Gear
   6, laurel 

    Steering wheel with these problems. Allows other devices such as rubber gear by the end of decomposition.
    – Steering wheel hard to use force or more force to turn abnormal.
    – Steering wheel is too loose. The free period exceeding 1 inch.
    – Vibration in the steering wheel while driving.
    Service should only import brands.

7th stop

     If found to have abnormal brake. Klik must resolve immediately. It brings Aubatipai break out easily.
    Tire out the gear end.
    – Stop the car brakes are slippery. Will not even wade.
    – And then stop the car to either of the two rounds.
    – Key to stop sinking deeper into the foot of the Drop out.
    Should bring the car to brake repair cradle immediately.
8 Fire charge.

     Electric charge should appear at panel every time we start the machine. When start up. While it will extinguish. If the charge light does not light. Light or not, respectively. May be due to the unusual charge or any other causes ??? the other is not left Klik the car charger into the cradle or the electrical system.
  9 lighting.

     Lighting often lack any liquor in the pot to fill the battery too often. We show that a device called “?? Google ????? play” It controls power to appropriate decomposition Should bring the car cradle to the electrical system. ?? to fix Google-Counsel Damaged or if it may have to change.
10 Lubricants

     If the fire warning signal light system of lubrication in the car while driving means that the engine is running. Without lubrication. Klik the car to the nearest cradle immediately.

If cradle far. To add oil lubricants to enter into the tank before solving a problem. But if a cause other than the dry lubrication. Should be used to cradle rickshaw repair.


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