1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual: A Smart Investment


The Toyota Rav4 first came out in 1994 and is a combination of a car and a standard utility vehicle (SUV). First introduced in Japan and Europe of the same year, it made sales in North America sometime in 1996. The vehicle was a hit with individuals who wanted the perks of owning a SUV like bigger cargo room and higher visibility and; the practicalities of a small car like saving on fuel and easier driving. Rav4 is an acronym for Recreational Active Vehicle with a four wheel drive. With the vehicle comes the 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual.

It must be noted that the 1996 Toyota Rav4 belongs to the first generation of the Toyota Rav4 which would include all Rav4 manufactured between 1994 up to 2000 while those manufactured after 2000 up to those of the present belong to the second generation. Having been originally based on the Corolla platform, the Rav4 came in two doors and four doors variety. After 1999, the Rav4 market in America only had interest for the two door variety.

The 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual comes in two kinds: one for the two door model and another for the four door model. Then again, there really is not much difference between the 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual of the two door model and the 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual of the four door model, except of course that one of the manuals deals with two doors and the other with four doors. Then again, these are just minor differences and if the repairs to be made are more interior than exterior, using any of the 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual really makes no difference.

The 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual sells between ten and twenty dollars, depending on where it is bought and the shipment fees for transportation. Not only that, but there are different brands of the 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual and automotive repair manuals depending on which company, group of people or person is its author.

An average 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual is made up of different components which deal with different aspects of the vehicle. Take the introductory part of the manual which is made up of a lot of information one must first hand know about the vehicle such as the tools needed for maintenance, maintenance techniques and the repair facilities needed to make adequate repairs. The introduction part of the manual would also contain information like vehicle identification numbers, buying parts, and things to know about jacking and towing, jump starting the battery, information concerning safety and troubleshooting.

The 1996 Toyota Rav4 Repair Manual and haynes repair manuals would also have information on tune-up and routine maintenance. Not only that, but the manual would also contain engine and overhaul procedures. Within the manual would then be step by step procedures on doing the repairs yourself, which would save the owner money for not having to take the vehicle to the mechanic.

Lastly, these manuals would have detailed specifications and photographs of the repairs which are needed. Definitely a good investment for any owner of the 1996 Toyota Rav4.


Source by Mike Hampton