2 Millionth Pre-owned Toyota Sold


Japanese automaker Toyota has been breaking records for a while now. It is set to become the largest automaker in the world by next year. On its way to being the largest company of its kind, Toyota has broken sales records and has celebrated milestone after milestone. Recently, the Japanese automaker celebrated yet another milestone as they have sold 2 million pre-owned Toyota vehicles in the United States since 1996.

The buyer of the 2 millionth Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is Mr. Brian Kabat of Bellevue, Washington. The two millionth Toyota Certified Used Vehicle sold to Mr. Kabat was a 2004 Toyota Sienna. Initially, Mr. Kabat was apprehensive about buying the vehicle because of the added cost of its luxury features. His grandchildren though made it easy for him to decide as they expressed their liking for the Sienna’s features.

Toyota celebrates the sale of the 2,000,000th used vehicle by reimbursing Mr. Kabat the $36,648 that he paid for the vehicle. Aside from that, Toyota will also be donating the same amount to Bellevue’s Youth Eastside Service (or YES) agency. The Japanese automaker has also earmarked $5,000 as donation to Bellevue’s Newport High School Band. All these will be handed out in a ceremony that will be held at the Bellevue dealership where the 2,000,000th used Toyota was sold earlier this year to Mr. Kabat.

Handing out the checks will be Norm Olson, the sales operation manager of Toyota Certified Used Vehicles. The YES agency is the selected charity by Bellevue dealership principal Bruce Broadus. The said organization aims to help kids and families coping with problems such as drug abuse and domestic violence. YES executive director Patti Skelton-McGougan will receive the check from Mr. Olson. For the Newport High Scholl Band, the school’s principal, Patty Siegwarth, along with band directors Matt Eisenhauaer and Ed George, will receive the donation.

“This is a landmark event,” said Olson. “No other manufacturer of a single line make has reached this sales milestone. Toyota was the first manufacturer to stipulate a vehicle history report as a part of its extensive certified used program, which includes a seven-year, 100,000 mile limited power-train warranty, roadside assistance and a 160-point inspection procedure.” Toyota’s reputation for being the manufacturer of reliable automobiles and auto parts as durable as EBC brake rotors is one of the key factors why the automaker has sold millions of used cars.

This year, more consumers are buying certified used cars from the Japanese automaker. For the first nine months of the year, sale of used cars for Toyota in the United States has increased by 5.5 percent. The automaker has sold 207,923 certified used vehicles from January to September this year.

“We have always had great experiences with Toyotas,” Mr. Kabat said. “The dealer’s commitment to service always brought us back,” he added. That goes to show that Toyota is not only depending on the reliability of their cars to attract car buyers but also makes an effort to make customers feel comfortable while dealing with them. Other perks awarded to Mr. Kabat includes a Toyota Certified Platinum service agreement, a $500 American Express gas card and a three year Toyota Car Care program.


Source by Anthony Fontanelle