2012 Bug-Out Truck Super Survival Modifications


In a recent article I recommended that you get either a Chevy or Toyota Landcruiser as your Bug-out truck for evacuation to your safe house in the days before December 21, 2012. But  the following modifications will make it a much more capable companion in the rough:

  • Electric winch
  • Skid plates
  • Suspension lift kit
  • Off-road tires
  • Full diff-locks
  • Secure storage locker
  • Extra spot lights
  • Hand held floodlight and spotlight
  • Air-intake snorkel
  • Air compressor
  • Extra fuel tanks
  • CB radio
  • Backup heavy duty battery
  • Aluminium roof platform with a ladder up

    • A complete set a hand-tools and sockets
    • Factory and Haynes service manuals
    • Hack saw
    • Rags
    • WD-40
    • Wire brush
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Waterproof heavy duty flashlights
    • Grease gun
    • Regular coveralls, insulated coveralls, cold weather gear
    • Propane torch, solder and flux
    • Engine oil
    • Transmission oil
    • Antifreeze mix
    • Brake fluid
    • Steering fluid
    • Spare heater, fuel, radiator, and vacuum hoses
    • Electrical wire in a selection of gauges
    • Selection of electrical connectors and cable-ties
    • Electrical tape, duct tape
    • Ignition leads
    • Hand-type wood saw, axe, compact and full size shovel
    • Spare fuel pump, water pump, and thermostat
    • Complete set of belts
    • Oil filter
    • Fuel filters
    • Spare rear drive shaft
    • Spare front driveshaft
    • Short side drive axle
    • Differential cover for front axle
    • Gaskets for both differential covers
    • Full-time hub gears and covers for front axles
    • Spare spark plugs, cap and rotor on spare distributor
    • Spare spindle for front axle, complete with bearings and seals
    • Spare bulbs (stop, turn, and interior)
    • Spare universal joints
    • High lift jack
    • Air hose for compressor
    • Impact wrench for lug nuts
    • Air chuck for filling tires
    • Spare tires
    • Tire levers
    • Tire repair kit
    • Factory jack and crank rod
    • Portable trolley jack
    • Winch attachments (land anchor, tree saver)
    • Shovels and spades
    • Large heavy-duty tarpaulins
    • Camoflage nets
    • Binoculars
    • Backup First Aid Kit
    • Heavy duty ratchet tie-down straps
    • Tow rope
    • General purpose rope
  • You also need to modify yourself a little too before you can confidently head off into the wilderness.

    Off-road driving.

    Taking your vehicle into the wilderness requires a different set of skills to burning down the highway. They aren’t difficult to master, but you do need instruction on how to wade through rivers and mud holes, safely negotiate steep climbs and descents, traverse steep slopes and use your winch effectively. The good news it’s hell of a lot of fun learning all this stuff. In fact for hundreds of thousands of people it’s their favourite weekend sport.

    Bush Mechanic skills.

    In 2012 you will be your own mechanic – so you need to be able to perform basic field maintenance on your vehicle including knowing how to replace vulnerable parts like drive shafts, hoses and electrical parts. Haynes workshop manuals are great, but experience working on your vehicle now will make you a much more competent and confident survival mechanic. I also wouldn’t hurt to go to night classes too. You’ll learn how to use tools properly and how the bits and pieces of an engine and drive train all go together.

    Your mobile workshop.

    You’ll also need to carry a hefty list of spares about your Bug-out vehicle. With these on board you’ll be prepared to overcome most of the likely mechanical problems – short of blown motors and transmissions. There is a lot there, but if you want to be confident of getting to where you’re heading you can’t afford to skimp on spares and tools.

    With this fully stocked mobile workshop and the modifications you’ve made to your vehicle and to your driving and mechanical skills you’ll be practically unstoppable when it comes time to evacuate your family before 21 December 2012.


Source by Mike Kerrigan