4X4 News: The Bmw X5 Gets A Facelift


Just when you thought the BMW X5 couldn’t get any better, PistonHeads.com reveals that “the BMW X5 has received a Geneva facelift, with bigger air dams, bigger exhausts and jazzier light clusters”. The sporty X5 4×4 has been on sale in its current form since 2007, but the German manufacturer has decided to give it a “mid-life makeover”, reports Which.co.uk.

Top Gear have commented on the “sorcery” going on at BMW, by saying that “giving an engine more grunt results in higher MPG and industrial levels of CO2”, however the entry-levelxDrive30d has been upgraded and now produces “10% less CO2, while getting 10bhp more power” – making it the first conventionally powered SUV to slip under the 200g/km radar.

As well as interior changes the X5 has undergone some external surgery, with redesigned front bumpers combining “enlarged vents and matt aluminium-look lower scuff plates and vent fins”, according to Which.co.uk. You will certainly be able to see this modernised 4×4 coming with a revamp of new xenon headlights including bright white LEDs and altered rear light clusters.

According to PistonHeads.com, “most of the changes are under the bonnet”, and the main aim is to get the X5 to cover ground faster, while simultaneously protecting the planet. If you were to summarise the main amendments BMW have made to this already impressive 4×4, you could see that each model will come with BMW’s 8-speed gearbox as standard, boast a smoother drive and is better for the environment.

Nothing comes for free in this life, so as you’d expect, more power means more money. You should expect to pay around £2,000 more for this updated 4×4 than the one it replaces, but it’s worth remembering you are getting new engine and gearbox combinations as well as a few visual tweaks.


Source by Katie Norton