5 Reasons To Date Thai Women


There are many reasons why men from all over the world prefer to date Thai women on a Thai dating site such as ThaiLoveLinks. Here are the top 5 reasons why men travel around the world to meet beautiful Thai women:

Exotic Beauty and Sex Appeal

Thai girls have a unique look that makes them attractive to most men. Long black hair, brown almond shaped eyes, slim, petite body. To many men, Thai girls are the epitome of femininity and sensuality. Thai girls look delicate and fragile, which sometimes hides the truth that Thai women can be quite seductive and sexually aggressive. It’s this seemingly contradiction between demure, almost shy behaviour and big appetite for sexual pursuits that intrigue many men.

Caring and Attentive Nature

Many men in America or Europe have been brought up to be ‘gentlemen’ to always think of the woman before they think of themselves. It’s the man who fills the woman’s glass and so on. But in Thailand it’s the complete opposite, Thai women are taught to be attentive to a mans need at all times. It’s true, a Thai girl will do all sorts of small things for you ALL THE TIME. This can feel very flattering to many men who are not used to this kind of attention.

Respectful and Polite

Ever feel like women in the West have began to act like men, cursing and being impolite? You are NEVER going to see and hear that in Thailand. Thai girls are raised to always be polite, graceful and respectful. Thai women know how to act like ladies in public. A Thai lady on the other hand will appreciate it very much if you are polite and sincere with her as well, in fact, western guys usually do well with Thai women for this very reason.

Grace and composure

Thai women move very gracefully, fluid and delicate. You only need to see one traditional dance to appreciate it. Something as simple as serving a cup of tea or coffee, may seem to us like the girl is performing an coreographed dance.

Physical Advantages

Thai women are smaller and slimmer than western women. Slim until old age, a Thai womans worst nightmare is to get fat and have her friends make fun of her for it. Thai woman stay in great shape well into their 40’s and 50’s. They also have very little body hair and smooth skin. Maybe it’s for these reasons that men lust after Thai women?


Source by Huey Davis