6 Tips To Avoid Car Breakdowns


Unexpected car breakdowns can cause you headache especially in a situation when your car is badly needed. However you can avoid these things to happen if you have knowledge on some of the preventive maintenance for which as a car owner must know. Implementing preventive maintenance on a car cannot only maximize its life but also making it to operate properly as it supposed to be.

Even if the car is new, this cannot make the car become exempted for routine maintenance, cars must be subjected to routine checks and adjustments for it to become safe and reliable, neglecting this may end up to unexpected repair and frequent visits to repair shop as well as wasting money for a repair cost that could have been avoided.

What must be done to avoid car breakdowns? Well, below is the list that car owners must know to avoid breakdowns.

1) The most important of car maintenance is by performing some of the common services, base on your car owner’s manual, such as change oil, lube job, and engine tune-up.

2) Monthly checking of all belts is necessary, using lose or worn belts can lead to breakage and car stalling. Check the belts for cracks or worn out, replace it at once if you find the belt to be worn out.

3) Every 50,000 miles the timing belt must be replaced, whether damage or not it should be replace. If the timing belt fail it can possibly damage the engine which can lead to a more costly repair.

4) Monthly check the brake fluid, the brake fluid should be sufficient enough, add if necessary. It is easy to determine if the fluid is not sufficient, by looking at the fluid reservoir markings you can see a minimum and maximum indicator of amount of fluid. Driving with an insufficient amount of brake fluid can lead to a loss of braking effectiveness.

5) Monthly check the tire air pressure as well as worn out tires. Driving with worn tires and with insufficient amount of air can lead to tire blowout which can cause accident.

6) Clean the battery terminals every two months to avoid corrosion that can lead to engine starting problem, also check the fluid level of the battery, it should cover the top of the plates, add distilled water if the fluid level is low.

There are more ways to prevent car breakdowns that can be implemented to maximize the efficiency of your car, the above list are just some of the most important inspection items that must not be neglected to avoid car breakdowns.


Source by AV Vargas