A Brief History Of The 2007 Chevy Tahoe


The 2007 Chevy Tahoe is a popular full size SUV from General Motors. It is very similar to the GMC Yukon which was originally produced from 1992. The Chevy Tahoe was produced from 1995 and remains in production, having undergone had various changes over its history.

While the original GMC Yukon was the predecessor for the Tahoe, it was introduced to the public in 1992. This was only a two doors version but in 1995 with the coming of the new Chevy Tahoe, there was a four door version. Having undergone numerous redesigned and overhauls, the product start to change dramatically by 1999.

The next generation of the product line up began in 2000. At this point, the vehicle had undergone very many redesigns and also had received significant updates to the engine and many other aspects of the vehicle. Because within the product line itself remained largely similar to each other however, with just a few aesthetic variations.

Because were also known for their luxury. After the year 2000, marking the next generation of the product, high quality audio systems and DVD entertainment was included in the car. Stability control was also introduced along with a number of other luxury features.

The cars were considered fairly luxury, coming with an abundance of extra features which make them especially comfortable and pleasant family and touring cars. Some of models introduced in the year 2000 included stability control, high powered audio systems and DVD Entertainment.

The beginning of the current generation of the product line was Martin 2007 with the introduction of the hybrid version of the Yukon. This also became quite popular in Mexico and it also use the same product name. It was introduced again in the 2008 models.

In 2007, the first hybrid car was also introduced. This allowed for electrical power as an alternative method of power in the car. With a 6 l V8 engine, it also had two electric motors powering a nickel-metal hydride battery. Using an extremely technologically advanced automatic system, which monitor the torque, it could run on both at the same time.

The vehicle was also sold as a police car in various forms. In fact, he became famous for being the only SUV in the world which was rated for pursuit use. Because of this and other reasons, it became highly popular as a police car and still remains in service and a number of law enforcement agencies and the United States.


Source by Andy Zain