A Burning Headache And Some Of Its Causes


Many people suffer from this common nuisance called burning headache every day, in some cases which can even last for days. Burning headache is not a medically recognized term if you were to look around in medical journals and clinical documents, but it’s pretty much commonly used. There are many different causes of burning headache, and different people have different parts of the head which aches. Besides, there are also many different causes of this headache, some of which we will be looking at today.

Different Parts of the Head

In many instances, burning headache is related to sinusitis. In that case, the pain is usually on the frontal part of the head, on the forehead, upper cheeks, and sometimes can even travel around the whole face. In other cases, this burning headache can be caused by fever. In this, the pain is usually on both sides of the forehead, which are the weakest points of sensitivity in our head.


As we have already known, the common reasons for burning headache would be fever, flu, and sinusitis. In these cases, the pain is constant, and can be stinging and tingling, and not to mention burning. It can originate from any side of the head, but usually after a while it will travel to other areas as well.

Some people tend to get thrusts of extreme pains. Although medically there is no proof as to what causes this sudden uprising in the burning headache symptoms, it is believed to be caused by pulsating nerves due to tension.

Burning headache can also be caused by certain other reasons besides the above listed. These are more serious cases such as tumors or growth in the head. In such cases, the pain is not constant like the ones listed above, but comes on and off. The pain is usually violent, far stronger than the ones you get for fever, and not to forget; it pulsates often.

It is also believed that toxins and chemicals can also cause acute or burning headache. This is pretty common to many people, especially those who are not so favorable of newly painted houses, chemical labs, and so on. On top of these, even certain edible toxins and foods can cause burning headache, such as alcohol, caffeine, and so on.

Alcohol and caffeine especially, are believed to be causes of many serious headaches that can cause the whole head to ache severely, with the nerves being extremely tensed.


Source by Ann Marier