Accident Statistics In Palm Beach, Fl

Each day there are people in Florida that become the victim of a car accident, either as a driver, passenger or sometimes as an innocent bystander. There were close to a quarter million people that suffered some level of injury or death in 2009 in the Sunshine State. Being the third most populous area in the state, West Palm Beach is not exempt of its share of the statistics causing emotionally and financially-draining circumstances to the victims. Early in 2010 a midsize car was rear-ended by another vehicle causing the death of a 3-month-old girl and injuries to five others. Drugs or alcohol were suspected as factors in the incident. This is this type of unfortunate case a vehicle accident attorney is faced with daily and it’s important to know that a victim has rights. From minor bruises to serious injuries, compensation to the victim should be fair and reasonable. It requires a vehicle traveling at no more than 20 miles per hour to cause a debilitating injury. At least one-third of victims of car accidents seek prolonged medical treatment such as physiotherapy or chiropractic therapy due to strains and sprains in the spinal muscles and ligaments. The cost for this care can be prohibitively expensive. Many victims would be forced to suffer without the necessary care, were it not for the diligent efforts of an accident attorney. West Palm Beach accident victims need not be at a loss due to preventable circumstances. For more information about car accident visit to our site at

Source by Jessica Cooper