Accidents Happening With Wine Tasting And Dui Charges


The dangers of Wine Tasting And DUI Charges appear in the newspapers on an almost daily basis. Grape growers often have signs along the road inviting travelers in to taste their new wines. This is tempting when one has been driving a long distance and the day is hot but must be done in modification.

Wines vary in alcohol content. As the grapes ripen the longer they are left on the vine the more alcohol content will be in the wine produced. As demand for stronger wines has increased, the wine makers have followed suit and increased its production.

DUI, or driving under the influence, is a very serious offence. All the states have laws regarding this issue and some are severe enough to bring felony charges and/or jail time. A person with just . 10 alcohol content in the blood can cause a severe auto accident due to slowed reaction time.

The percentage of alcohol to be found in wine varies, depending on how strong it is. It can run from 12.5 percent for low to 14.5 per cent in very high. It is easy to see how it would not take too many glasses to make one qualify for a DUI ticket. In the stronger wines it only takes a small amount to reach the maximum blood content level.

Statistics show that someone in the United States is killed every 45 minutes by a drunken driver. Sometimes it is the driver of the car, sometimes it is another driver or a passerby. No one intentionally gets in a car to kill someone yet that is what happens when too much wine is drunk and a person starts to drive home.

People who like to have wine with their dinner or while having fun at a party needs to be aware of the alcohol content present in their beverage. It has been drunk through the ages and is traced back to the BC period so it is not going away. Education and awareness of the consequences of drinking too much is of prime concern for the general safety of the public.

California is one of the largest wine producing states in the nation. Wine tasting invitations are posted along the road through the Napa Valley and other areas. With the very strong California DUI laws overindulgence and an arrest can lead to appearing in criminal court and a DMV hearing. A person’s driving license and car can be lost in severe cases.

When entering a wine tasting room one is given a glass and there is a wide array of wines to choose from. As one moves along they may go from white to red or however the wines are arranged. Although small sips are taken, with the large number of bottles available it is very easy to overdo. Tasting Wine And DUI Charges go hand in hand if moderation is not observed.


Source by Al Ross