Acoustic Wave Therapy For Cellulite At Home


It happens more often than you think, doctors discovered the best methods purely by accident. That’s the case for one of the newest and most effective treatments for cellulite, Acoustic Wave Therapy.

How does this cellulite treatment work? Well it uses a pressure wave that passes through the skin and fat. This wave impacts the collagen tissue that is pulling down the skin that causes the breakout. It also then thickens the collagen at the bottom of the skin to push the fat back down. So it is working on both the areas that cause the cellulite. The fat is still there, just not as close to the surface.

This was originally a pain treatment. It is very effective for pain as a matter of fact its one of the best treatments out there for heal pain. What happened in Switzerland where the device was designed, they where doing some work on injured hamstrings. The women started coming back for extra treatments because their legs looked better.

The first pilot study in the United States was on 5 patients. They where thrilled, one lady even lost a couple of pants sizes which was not expected. After this initial pilot study a full study was then carried out.

On a study of about a 150 patients the average patient lost about a half a centimeter in thigh diameter. This was all achieved with no weight loss and exercise, they just did the treatment.

How long does it take to see the results? The results take anywhere from 4 weeks to a month on the fast responders and about 3 to 4 months on most women. At 3 months 90% of people who try this treatment are seeing results


Source by M.c.