Advantages of the Rhino 660 Atv


Yamaha has taken the ATV world to an entirely new stratosphere with the Rhino 660 ATV. Whether you are using the Rhino for a fun weekend with the boys, doing manual labor in the woods or on a farm, this is one of the best constructed, multipurpose vehicles on the planet. What separates The Rhino from other ATVs is the bucket seats and that it has the capacity to fit two passengers side by side. And like pickup trucks, it has a cargo bed in the back that can hold an unprecedented four hundred pounds. The dimensions of the vehicle are 113.5 inches in length, 73 inches in height, 54.5 inches in width and weighs in at around 1050 pounds. This ATV can reach up to speeds of forty miles per hour and will cruise through streams and low water surfaces at one mile per hour. One of its more important attributes is its mountain climbing abilities. Those steep mountains and hills that need to be hiked, but are too tough to climb are perfect for this high trekking four wheeler. As you can see, Yamaha has created an off-roading beast. It can slide through the narrowest of trails, climb the snowiest of mountains, and tread across streams that get in your path. Not only is the Rhino ATV popular in the private sector, but it has become a favorite of military personal overseas. Its ability to hike the plains in the Middle East, hold two passengers and carry cargo has become the vehicle of choice for many military outfits during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The drawback of the Rhino ATV has been its tendency to rollover during sharp turns and causing injuries to drivers and passengers in the process. ATVs are notorious for tipping over on sharp turns, similar to Jeeps and SUVs. Some experts have complained that the Rhino is too top heavy and its wheels are unable to support its weight on top and that is what is causing the accidents. Yamaha has acknowledged no faults in the Rhino, but have taken steps in order to ensure the protection of their consumers. In 2007, Yamaha offered free protective modifications to all Rhino owners if they brought in their ATV to a local dealership. These modifications included increasing the security on the doors and handlebars. It is important to remember that no matter how much fun and useful the Rhino is and other ATVs it is always important to drive and act with mature behavior and to exercise caution when appropriate. If you own a Rhino or a friend or loved one does, please be aware of the safety concerns and enjoy yourself, but be careful at all times. Enjoy your ride!


Source by jamiehanson