Always Use Genuine Toyota Parts to Repair Your Vehicle


When you are shopping for parts for your Toyota vehicle, it may seem smart to immediately choose the cheaper option. Why would you pay more for genuine Toyota parts when aftermarket parts dealers promise the same quality and a lower price tag? Haven’t you ever wondered why these aftermarket parts usually have a lower price tag? Before you run off to buy new parts for your vehicle, find out why some companies are able to offer reduced rates.

Now, in some cases, aftermarket parts are of equal quality at a great value. But sometimes, despite looking identical to the part you are replacing, aftermarket parts fit and feel different than Toyota Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts. This can change the look and feel of your car, which may not have been your intention. Additionally, sometimes you will end up spending more money in the long run because an aftermarket part may not last as long as a Toyota genuine part.

Genuine Toyota parts are made to fit Toyota vehicles and to ensure maximum performance and longevity. Using any product of lesser quality may result in poor gas mileage, decreased performance, and even possible additional wear to other parts of the vehicle.

With many cars purchases owners often find themselves faced with unexpected repairs which can be quite costly. The temptation to turn to aftermarket parts, especially when faced with an already pricey repair bill, can be extreme. However, it is important to remember that many vehicle warranties come with stipulations regarding part replacement on the vehicle. In many cases, using aftermarket parts results in a partial or complete voiding of the warranty. Another important consideration when deciding between genuine Toyota parts and aftermarket impostors is the effect that decision may have on your insurance policy. As anyone who has ever dealt with their insurance company when needing any repair, minor or major, on their vehicle knows, insurance companies will use almost any excuse to avoid paying. Some policies may be voided when a vehicle is repaired using parts that are not made by the original equipment manufacturer. Why risk losing your insurance benefits? That could end up costing you a lot if you were in an accident or had to have major car repairs done. In the long run, the slightly higher prices of genuine Toyota parts will more than pay for themselves.

Car dealers will always look at a vehicle’s history prior to trading or purchasing a used car. If your vehicle was repaired with aftermarket parts, it may lose a significant amount of its resale value. Once again, the lower price you paid during the repair would be overshadowed by the loss you would incur when you attempt to sell or trade your vehicle.

Everybody wants a good deal and no one wants to pay more than they have to for auto parts. It may seem tough to part with extra money during the initial purchase, but remember, while you may be saving money now, it could cost you later.


Source by Tom Blackman