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One of the many applications that come to wait for Android to replace the word with friends, which is available on the iPhone and IPAD. FREE Wordfeud Android is a great new application that allows you to play games like Scrabble or a friend or a random opponent. After opening the application you are asked to e-mail address, and then asked to choose a user name, allowing you to search your friends to start a new game. When they are created, you can invite the user, the user name, or you can find random opponents, even if none of your friends Android device, you can still use this great application.
When the app is running will take you to their list of games that show the progress of all current games. This show, which was the last to act, which words are used, and how many points were scored. You can choose any game from the list to view the ship, make a move for your turn, or send you a message if you want. The main options you can enable push notification, so youll know when it is your turn to go. The game is now powered by advertising, so its $0.00 price tag in return for some ads between games. Do you want to kill some time, have some fun, or try something new Wordfeud is definitely a great way to do it. If you need an opponent to test applications, add me( user ) and lets play some Wordfeud!





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