B2b Marketplace of Global Trade Leads for Importers and Exporters


Trading is described as the intentional exchange of goods only, services only, or both. It started out as the direct barter of goods and services. Nowadays, traders utilize money as its medium of exchange.

Because of modern technology, trading now becomes easier. You do not have to be meeting the exporter, importer, manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier in person. Transaction can now be made through the internet. Buying from the different suppliers can be made by browsing the different products of the different manufacturers. On the other hand, if you are selling your merchandise, you can make a product catalog and post them in the net to be readily accessible to whoever is interested in them.

There are several online services that aid in connection between buyers and sellers wherever they are throughout the world. Tradenote.net e-Marketplace is among them. And they offer their service for free. All the interested manufacturers should do is to register its company.

Sellers, exporters, suppliers, wholesalers or manufacturers can promote their product through the Tradenote.net e-Marketplace. The process is so easy. First, register the company name and viola! You get a free website, you can create the product catalog which will be available online, you can post an advertisement for the product you are selling and you can get inquiries through email from international buyers. All members who registered for free can now post and advertise up to 30 trade leads or tradeleads and 30 products. And here’s more, if you opt to be a paying member, you get to post more products and at the same time the company is given a higher rank in searches, and their products are advertised more.

On the other hand, the site also requires buyers to register before getting the chance to buy any product. Buyers can now search and choose through the site the products that the different sellers have posted. It is now easier for them to select the suitable seller through the company directory, who offers the right package. All they need is to submit the buying application. Likewise, these buyers can also make their list of merchandise that they are interested to purchase by submitting inquiries. Then the buyer will now be receiving alerts from other traders who wish to start business with them.

Tradenote.net e-Marketplace’ mission is to advertise and at the same time consolidate various services and resources into one site. In this way, small to medium-sized companies will be able to compete and penetrate international trade and global trade. Even small businesses have the chance to go international.

Through the Tradenote.net e-Marketplace, there is a systematic incorporation of several trading houses that results in an increase of product exporting. It is its objective to created global trade lead awareness of export import companies. It is a matter of business to business or b2b concept. Tradenote is doing business with companies that are doing business as well. It is just a matter of getting the exact sourcing, and the various companies that are being served by the site are its answer.


Source by Brown Heys