Back Supports For Truck Drivers – Super Back Support For Truckers!


 Truck drivers spend many hours sitting…looking at the zipper.  Back supports for truck drivers should be firm, effective and totally adjustable so that truckers can be more comfortable and spend more time driving – making more money.  Most seats in company trucks do not provide enough support to keep drivers comfortable over a 70 hour work week, as many truck drivers endure.  

Being a top notch massage therapist I know how to cure low back pain and sciatica.  Also, I also used to be a commercial driver, and I understand the rigors of the profession.  After years of development I am proud to offer these incredible back supports for truckers.  Be sure to see my incredible butt supports too!  It’s just as important to support the butt as the back! 

My back supports for truck drivers offer the following benefits:   

A.  They allow you to drive up to 3 hours or more per day in greater comfort thus driving more miles and making more money!  Yea. 

B.  Reduces low back pain and sciatica (also see my butt support) by distributing the weight of your body over a broader surface area. 

C.  Absorbs vibration by creating a buffer between you and your truck and acts as a “seat cover” too. 

D.  You’ll save money by not having to see a chiropractor as often and avoiding costly operations and hospital bills.

E.  Made from heavy duty, commercial grade materials that will last for many years. 

F.  My back supports for truck drivers are totally adjustable and all natural.  You can adjust the amount of support to fit your back.  As your back gets stronger you can increase the support to adapt to your backs needs. 

Please try my product.  You will be very happy that you did! 


Source by Brett Rodgers