Back to basics: natural hair is the trend and we love it!


I’ve been struggling with my hair my entire life. In my 27 years, I can remember a big number of occasions where people told me to deal with it. My wavy, voluminous, frizzy hair was always on the way, so my mom had to find ways to tame it: ponytails, braids, different types of updos to go to school or just out of my house and look ‘good’. When I got into puberty, the ‘problem’ only seemed to get worse. I stuck to the braids, but I wanted to be able to wear my hair down, like any other teenager, so I tried to straighten it. I still have the picture of my sweet 16 party with the biggest frizz I’ve ever seen to remind me that I shouldn’t have tried that at home.

After that, I met my hair stylist (yes, he still is) and despite his recommendations, I got into different straightening techniques. Believe me, I tried everything and my hair suffered it. That’s why I couldn’t be happier when the trends reports started saying that natural hair was having a comeback in 2016. So I decided to listen and gave my waves a second chance and let me tell you I’m in love! I’ve never felt more beautiful or sexy than now. Everyone loves the change too, so I think I’m keeping it. Of course, I had to take care of my damaged hair and learned what I didn’t do during my teenage years. Do you want to embrace your natural hair, whatever its texture is? Let me give you some useful tips so you can rock your locks with confidence.

Learn to know it

You might want to put a little research in here. Go to your hairstylist (or find a very good one, if you don’t have any) and discuss this journey you’re about to start. A professional can give you all the information you want about the texture, your type of hair (curls and waves have different ‘degrees’, which determine the bounce and the kind of curl you have) and the best haircut and styles that will work for you. Other things that can happen is that you already know how to deal with your natural hair, so a few research on different care techniques can do the trick. But the best advice I can give you: always look for a pro who can guide you to the light.

Make an investment

Going to a major stylist or getting a fancy haircut can seem like too much money spent on your hair. But truth is, is probably the only way you can get your hair back (because you can, with the appropriate help). Think about it as an investment, because the money you spend on a good haircut or treatment, can make it up for a more expensive technique to straighten it and, at the end of the day, it will save the health of your hair.

The products

The investment advice also applies when it comes to buying the products you’re going to need for your routine at home because specialized haircare lines are definitely more expensive than the regular ones, so keep in mind it’s all part of a process and your hair will thank you for it. When you do your research, something you have to do if you want this process to be successful, you’re going to come across a wide variety of options and you might get confused. But if you identify your hair type, this will get easier. Use the resources you have: Internet is the biggest of them, with Youtubers posting their routines every single day you will probably find someone that relates to your dilemma very quickly. And you also have options outside of the online world: I’m sure you have a friend who’s gone through the same process and did this whole task in advance. It won’t hurt to try that way and get a more personal, detailed feedback.

Experiment, but not too much

As it’s been mentioned before, there are a lot of options when it comes to defining your haircare routine. And the right product or products might take a while to find, but you have to be patient. You’re allowed to try different things, from natural to professional lines, the key is to pay attention. Try to identify the changes in your hair: texture, the level of moisture, results when your hair is totally dry, etc. This will get you to the happy place you want to be in.

Remember, is all part of a process and there is a chance you get desperate and try to quit. But the nest thing you can do is pursue this path and wear your hair proudly on every occasion you can. There are a ton of hairstyles you can try and believe me, people will notice the difference.


Source by Jeniffer Varela