Basic Vehicle Maintenance You Need to Have Done Regularly


In our modern hectic schedules cars play an integral part in taking us to our destination. Many of us cannot imagine a day without our cars and since they happen to so important in our way of life their maintenance should be a priority. Regular servicing and proper care is essential for every type of vehicle and any sort of ignorance in this can cause hassle at a later time. We have listed down some crucial maintenance tips for various components which will come handy in keeping your car in good shape.

Engine: Any vehicle derives its life-force from the engine. A robust engine will make your vehicle run smoothly without any hiccups. Since there are many building blocks in it, so they have to be tackled individually. Air filter is the important part of it that keeps check on the dirt from outside. Clogged air filter results in poor starting of the vehicle, less mileage, noise issues etc. Normally air filter should be replaced after 3000 miles but you should check it regularly even before it reaches the limit. Jammed or black colored air filter must be replaced as soon as possible.

Brakes: Malfunctioning brakes can be one of the major causes of accident, so examine that how long it takes for the vehicle to stop, after you apply the brakes. Check for the brake fluid. The first indication of lesser brake fluid is the noise that vehicle makes when it stops. The brake pads are often the root cause of many vehicle related issues. Just replace them and you are over with hassles you might have in the future from the brakes.

Tires and Gear Systems: Tires are responsible for the smooth running of the car and aged and wearied ones must be changed at the earliest. Next in line one must take care of the gear system which many people tend to neglect. Oily dust which creeps in the wires and grooves is detrimental for the speed and life of the engine. Wipe it off with the cloth.

Always keep the tire pressure at optimal level. It should be neither too high nor too low.

Fuel tank: Fuel tank generally leaks due to rust or creak in the lid of the cover. Take precautions so that fuel should not leak down on the ground. Also if you are not sure about how to take care of the fuel tank, do not hesitate to take your car to a service center.

In addition spare parts should be kept in the storage capacity of the vehicle. In case of emergency you must have access to them. Also it is necessary to rub off the rust from the surface of the vehicle if there is any. Also one must look out for loose bolts and door joints are they happen to be a matter of great concern. Finally one must also make it a point to take their vehicle at regular intervals to the service center for a proper upkeep.


Source by Richard Crittendon