Buying Second Hand Bucket Trucks


The telecommunications, electrical as well as construction industries have also been specifically affected by the recent economic meltdown. As a result of the latest recession, several of these companies are looking for alternative way to slash off expenses in order to allow for their continuous expansion, or simply just sustain the business and keep in running. One area where these industries typically make large capital outlays is in equipment.  Many companies of any size have a need for large numbers of bucket trucks, digger derrick trucks, crane trucks and boom trucks.

These types of trucks tend to be highly specialized to the task they are meant to perform.  While the most common is the bucket truck used by power linemen working for electric utility companies, the basic bucket truck chassis can be used for a number of variations on the aerial lift truck. The usual types of specialized vehicles are: digger derrick trucks, boom trucks and crane trucks.

Regrettably for buyers who are extremely conscious when it comes to their expenses and the prices of equipment, these types of trucks can turn out to be extremely expensive when acquired new.  This is particularly true given that a truck is modified to the strict specifications of the buyer.  Luckily, there is a cost-effective option for private companies as well as public utilities to spend a lesser amount when it comes to their equipment.  One way is to buy used bucket trucks if possible.

This is can be considered as a good alternative particularly if the company is dead set to cut costs. If the company tries to look out for used bucket trucks that have comparatively low mileage and the kind that have been overhauled, it is possible to locate the right truck the company wants at a price which is comparatively cheaper. One method to find used trucks is to search the Internet and search for “used bucket trucks”. There are countless retailers online and one of the more trusted ones is I80. With I80 Equipment’s site, it is easy to find the right truck given that the kind of model is specified along with the range of budget. To find out more please visit


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