Car Accident Causes and Prevention


What are the causes of car accidents?

Car crashes, causing death, injury, and damage have always happened. With around 10 thousand car accidents on the roads the UK every day and 290,000 car accident injuries per year, the roads are a hazardous place to be. Road incidents result in the deaths of an estimated 1.2 million people worldwide each year, and injure about forty times this number.

Key Factors a Competent driver should be aware of:

  • controlling a car including a good awareness of the car’s size and capabilities
  • reading and reacting to road conditions, weather, road signs and the environment
  • alertness, reading and anticipating the behaviour of other drivers.

Key Factors which can cause a car accident:

  • Vehicle breakdown
  • Road Design
  • Human error

Vehicle breakdown

Often vehicle breakdown is down to inadequate car maintenance. Problems vary from defective lights to damaged brakes and tyres that are under or over inflated, but each increase the chances of a car accident occurring. For example, most drivers have at some point mistaken a car for a motorbike when one headlight or brake light isn’t working.
Many drivers do not even realise that they have a faulty light or improperly inflated tyres, and it is not until they have an accident that they find out. To avoid a car accident occurring as a result of a vehicle fault, make sure to check your tyres, lights, oil and water on a weekly basis and if you believe you have a problem with your car that you cannot identify or fix, get a mechanic to check it out immediately.

Road design and car accidents

The failure to adequately maintain a road can cause an accident. Factors such as debris, potholes, wear and tear often contribute to an accident. If you spot a potential road safety problem arising from the road itself, inform your local County Council and help prevent a car accident happening to someone in the future.
The design of a roadway can lead to an accident. For example the design of a road may make it difficult to see other vehicles, creating dangers on the road. Poor signage or signals, or their poor placement, may puzzle drivers or make it more difficult to anticipate potential hazards.

Human error and car accidents

Human error is a major cause of car accidents. A driver’s concentration is affected by distracting sounds such as conversations and using a mobile phone when driving. Even using a hands free phone is a considerable interruption, and drivers are firmly recommended to turn off their phones completely when on the road.
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Source by Andy Clinch