Car Alarms Offer Safety and Security


Sydney was once regarded as the car theft capital of Australia. This is not surprising since Sydney is the home to the largest and oldest fleet of cars in the country. This alarming scenario brought to the fore the importance of installing car alarm systems to help deter car thieves. A car alarm is basically an electronic device or sensors installed in a vehicle in order to prevent theft of the vehicle itself, its contents, or both.

Car alarms operate by emitting high-volume sound, usually the car’s horn, klaxon or a pre-recorded warning, once it is triggered by a number of things such as vibrations; opening the door, hood or boot; or opening of special switches on the door contacts. The alarm may be accompanied by the flashing of the car’s lights or notifying the owner through a paging system and disrupting various electrical circuits needed for the car to start.

There are two categories of car alarms: OEM or those built-in to the car at the factory and the aftermarket alarms which can be installed after the car has rolled out of the assembly line. OEM alarms are usually activated and deactivated with the car’s keyless entry remote. The same goes for aftermarket alarm systems which are typically armed and disarmed through remote control.

Over the past couple of years, car alarm systems have evolved far beyond their original purpose. The race for the creation of alarm systems that are both fail proof and able to set off some type of reactive response has resulted into a gush of technological breakthroughs which transformed car alarm systems and brought the field into a whole new level. One of the most notable additions to car alarm systems is the introduction of GPS enabled devices. These allow the car to be easily tracked once it is stolen. A more recent variation allows the unsuspecting thief to run away with the car, but after cruising for few miles the car suddenly comes to a screeching stop, then a smoke screen activates and the siren starts ringing like crazy. All these are taking place as the car is tracked through GPS.

Of course there are other innovative features that come with a wide range of car alarm systems available in the market today. Some of the more popular features include electronic immobilizers that are designed to disconnect all power from the starter to prevent ignition bypass; air-horns which call more attention and inflict pain to the thief if he enters the car; microwave detectors that activate when an object enters the sensors’ zone of protection; LEDs or small light emitting devices in the interior of the car to warn thieves of the alarm’s presence; and strobes or devices that emit intense light to further call attention to a car when the alarm is triggered.

There are several other car alarm accessories to choose from and the emergence of these highly sophisticated car alarm systems is definitely the reason why the rate of car theft in Sydney is currently at its record low. So take a proactive step and consider having a car alarm installed in your ride. Car alarms serve as an effective and affordable way to keep you and your car from becoming the next car theft victims.

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Source by Benard Worseley