Car Audio and Video System Equipment


Car Audio or Video is used to describe a mobile audio, made to distribute sound to an automobile. Even though a car audio was originated for an automobile, they can also be used in other areas such as: mass transit, aviation, and marines. However, the most common use for car audio or video, is for cars or trucks. In today’s world, modern day cars have an audio system which is referred to as a head unit. A head unit is placed into the center of the dash board between a driver and passenger.

Years before the car audio’s evolution, these devices were placed externally on the top or bottom of the dash. The head unit of a car audio has many purposes for its installation. The components of a head unit are as follows: a radio receiver tuner with AM and FM bands, and media devices (CD player, DVD player, tape player, etc.). The units also feature equalization components such as treble and bass controls, in addition to odometers, navigation systems, etc.

Car Audio/ Video were first introduced in the 1930’s from the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. During this time, the inventors placed the car radio on the market for an average of $120. This basic Motorola radio could be installed into many popular automobiles.

Nonetheless, from the 1930’s up until now, car audio continues to be used in many cars and other transportation mobiles. Although there are now many different names or brands for car audio, they all will continue to serve the very same purpose.


Source by Frederick Rush