car flying without wings


innovation car flying without wings


change the color of the outside by a single push of a button

1- General description:

From outside, Look like a new car (Jaguar xj220) as an example unmistakable

And take the car in the design of internal renovations and revolutionary techniques are complex And harmonious in its

modus operandi by Great precision To produce a new generation and an unprecedented level of flying cars, Smooth and easy to use, And a high level of safety leadership Within this category, Based on the latest scientific foundations and advanced technology, This innovation can be applied industrially.

2- Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 2.1.

Height / Width / length (cm) = 1333 × 1799 × 5149

Weight (kg) = 2000 almost

Expected maximum load 4000 kg

2.2. Speed:

Maximum speed on the ground without The merging of air capacity of  300 km / h

Maximum speed expected on the ground after the merging of air assets on the ground more than 600 km / h With full safety

Maximum speed expected in the atmosphere Mach 1

2.3. Cabin:

Air Conditioning, containing fling chair, Classic in its principle,

Elegant workmanship and the Court in its, Luxurious and integrated processing, There is also a dashboard simple designs car by simple designs as a car, And the techniques of complex as aircraft,

Handle leadership, largely resembles the handle airplane to, And installed on the  Horizontal moving column During flight, and Handle leadership Fixed while driving On the ground, According to the desire of the driver, Most of the parts inside the cabin looks simple in appearance, But involve complex technical, And multi-Uses Each key or knob in front of the driver Dual function, Is the use of any of the key In any of the Cases (Movement on the ground or flight) It also functions seamlessly converge, The pedal to increase speed in the case of Movement on the ground Turn to pedal to increase speed in the case of aviation, It can merge the two posts together To work with them on the ground, For example, brake pedal differ in their impact while Movement on the ground And their impact while flying , Can also be Merge this functions as Smooth Using the technique implementation Semi-automatic,

2.4. supplies:

Supplies a rich and varied Include the latest techniques of communication and air navigation and entertainment

for example :


car is equipped with technology makes them able to fly while on the move Or in a standing position Without the use of wings

appear on the outer surface Or a paved road is dedicated to aviation.

2.4.2 .

Players to sound kind of Bowers & Wilkins able to 1200 watts.


screen DVD player is working on touch measuring 8 inches And

aerial surveillance camera Scale 35 mm , And can

adjust the focus of these cameras at distances ranging

from one meter to approximately infinity  And used it to locate

the landing from the air, In addition to all the requirements of  cockpit at night for civil aircraft.


car is equipped with innovative technology, And

unprecedented in the automotive world, Driver was able to

change the color of exterior paint in a few seconds, And

choose a color from the three primary colors For example, you

can go to the  ceremony of the color of the car black , And

return it and the color is yellow or red or any.


duplication of function keys in any case of two, (Movement on the ground or in flight), And the status of the keys are hidden and appear when you change the status to another automatically.


The roof of the cabin is subject to open, and also it containing

fling chair, An increase in, reserves Safety.


car brakes are containing innovative technology, Type a unique and effective is able to control all parts of the car Unprecedented in the automotive world, In a short time, and safely regardless of the speed, Even during hard cornering, In addition, the car includes all the technology systems assist in the leadership, And security systems that Applicable in the Latest models of the World Cars.

3- the Feature and benefits:


possibility of taking off and Vertical landing in small places space without the need a large area or corridors for Runway such as

allocated aircraft, Because of the lack of wings or helicopter blades,    And the small size and weight of the car a lot less for

a normal aircraft, This technique gives the car ability to parked in any place, even if the roof of the house or a hotel with ease .


Characterized by severe balance of the car while on the move on the ground not only between the front and rear wheels only,

But also between the left and right wheel in the back, and forward, And allows the performance of a strong and stable.


Free movement of handle leadership, In addition to duplication of functions to the controls in front of the driver, It use of those tools

in both cases (Movement on the ground or in flight), In addition

to the disappearance the tools  private a solo performance, And

appear in front of the driver when converting from one system to     another automatically, This gives more breadth and simplicity

and the ability and the comfort and welfare of the driver.


high-speed, which is expected to reach more than 600 km / h,

With the availability of full safety factors, it is development boom

in the global car market .


Brakes with innovative technology and unprecedented in the

automotive world, it is Type a unique and effective is able to

control all parts of the car in  short period of time safely,

regardless of the speed, Even during hard turning.


Superiority in the speed factor in addition to the perfect balance and the ability of high-brakes, that Feature gives the car a high ability  to maneuver.


Ability to change the exterior color of the car at any moment, To

fit with social events, Or the type of task assigned to it.


Feature provides rapid vertical height And access to the status of

the balance quickly of the car to avoid potential collisions during the

movement on the ground, So much less falling the car from the

highlands, For those who frequent the high places like  mountains, and other.


The integration of these innovative technologies and unique in this car, a safety factor essential for the escape of any ambushes may occur, in the  case that one of the passengers, a public figure or targeted.

4- modern in this invention:


Technically were invented a new type of cars able to fly without

helicopter blades.  wings or helicopter blades.


Innovative technology that gives cars a great ability to balance

while Movement on the ground is not between the front wheels And background  only, but also between the left and right wheel in the back and forward, This allows the performance of a strong and stable on the road whatever the level of speed.


Create a new type of super power brakes work on all parts of the vehicle is not only the front And the background and even which protects against the risks of sliding the car On both sides, too.


A new generation of cars to have a great ability to maneuver

because of its factors and high-speed balancing, And a new type   of powerful brakes work on all parts of the car in all directions.


Ocean space utilization in the driver’s cabin on a unique

qualitative, is working to provide as much information as needed and hide them, when you change the case is automatically.


Innovative technology that gives the car the ability to change the form of exterior paint within a few seconds even while on the move.


Create a new kind of technology can prevent road accidents and falls from heights at high unprecedented in the automotive world, technique and high-power brakes and keeping the balance rapid And vertical take-off.


Been linked and development and re-employ the latest

technology in the world of cars and aircrafts, As well as systems to help the leadership, and security systems, And putting them in a single body, integrated and full harmony.


Integrate these technologies and innovations, And placed in a

context characterized by beauty, and attractiveness, Along with

the ability, and compatibility superior in performance, that is

indeed Create a new kind of features and attributes of each

technique on the unit were not to appear individually.

5- domain of use:

5. A. domain of civil:

5.A.1. Private cars.

5.A.2 Fast Flying Ambulance.

5.A.3. Ambulance difficult tasks.

5.A.4. Police cars.

5.A.5. Cars to prosecute offenders.

5.A.6. Government vehicles for VIPs.

5.B. domain of war:

(After providing the vehicle with weapons necessary)


Vehicles for defense:

Vehicles are used border agile, Able to maneuver, And confuse and disrupt enemy forces.


Vehicles for attack:

Vehicles are used for special forces, To perform tasks of war behind enemy lines.

I hope to see this masterpiece with its charm, Roaming the streets to see how beauty and elegance, And high capabilities, To announce the birth of a new generation of flying cars.


accept my sincere respect and appreciation


Innovative Egyptian


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