Car That Can Run on Water


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This question is often being asked today that can we run our car on water? There is actually a new water fuel technology out there which enables cars that run on water by breaking down the chemical bond of the oxygen and hydrogen atom from the water molecule in order to extract a safely combustible gas.

This makes it possible to run our car on water that is, the extraction will be mixed with the existing fuel/air mixture to create a more efficient fuel source. So this is the basic principle how to convert our car to run on water. This new technology is fast being embraced by many people who are fed up of the rising fuel prices. This not only saves our money but also reduces environmental pollution.

“Water-fuel technology” is over 91 years old. All we’ve done is arouse it from its dormancy and develop a simple structure based on low cost hardware. The water and its Hydrogen-Oxygen products are used as a boost or “catalyst” for better combustion of gasoline. 100% water cars are not possible at least not in our scope of activity. This technology (based on brown’s gas) is not capable of substituting the existing fuel with water alone. The aim is not to replace gasoline but to enhance it, with correct fine-tuning you can double a vehicle’s mileage. We can easily install the water gas generator to a vehicle or it can also be done by any good mechanic. This technology is applicable only to gasoline / diesel cars and trucks.

How can water (a non-flammable substance) generate energy? By using electricity from the car’s battery, we can break water down to hydrogen and oxygen by the process of electrolysis. The hydrogen can be used as a fuel and move the car. This fuel is also called Brown’s gas or HHO and it is 3 times more powerful than gasoline! This way we can run our car on a mixture of gasoline and water and enjoy a great fuel economy. Only small modifications are needed in a car’s engine and after that we can start saving hundreds of dollars every month on gas. Once we have assembled it, this device can be installed within a few minutes and leaves no traces if we decide to remove it from the vehicle. We need a sealed quart size container, electrical wiring, baking soda and some vacuum tube. Water will be in the sealed container under the hood and can be converted to Brown’s gas, using electricity from the car’s battery.


Source by Paul Aitchison