Celica GT Engine Replacement Options


Toyota Celica GT’s using the 1.8L 1ZZ-FE engine (from 2000-2005) often need engine replacement at or around 120,000 miles. This is not set in stone, and not to say that the engines used in these vehicles are bad, because they’re not. Rather, it is an indication of the poor maintenance and hard driving. With that said, there are excellent low mileage replacement engines available for Toyota Celicas. These engines are still available simply because of volume: Millions of 1ZZ-FE engines have been produced, and far more of these vehicles have been wrecked making their good running engines available than have had engines fail.

If your Toyota Celica GT engine has failed, you do not want to purchase a new engine from Toyota unless Toyota is paying for it as warranty work. You can purchase a slightly used Toyota Celica engine for a fraction of the cost of a new Toytoa Celica engine. Reputable suppliers will provide you with a two year warranty on any used Toyota Celica engine they sell, allowing you to buy and install your engine with confidence.

There are some things that competent professionals do when they install used Celica engines. The first thing is to install all new maintenance parts. These include all new belts, a new water pump, new spark plugs, a new thermostat, and all new fluids.

Many people have problem finding mechanics that regularly work installing used engines. You do not, under any circumstances, want to have a mechanic install an engine who is not experienced in this area. His inexperience might cost you your warranty, since no one will honor an engine failure caused by installation errors. There is an easy method to finding mechanics experienced in the installation of used engines. Installation of GT used engines is not difficult, but inexperience can cause mechanics to get nervous and do things that they know better than to do, such as starting and running an engine without an oil filter. I have seen this happen; it destroys too many good used engines.

If you haven’t found a mechanic experience in the installation of used engines, an easy way to do this is to go in person to your local parts stores and ask to talk with the manager. Let them know what kind of vehicle you have, and that you need a good mechanic to install an engine for you. You can save significant money here if you make a good impression with the manager and are polite. The manager might know a mechanic who installs used engines in an area of town you’re not familiar with, or they might know a mechanic who works at a dealership by day and installs engines out of their home at night and on weekends. If you can find a gem like this, you can really save money. You’ll pay less for your installation, the mechanic will make more than he would installing your engine at his work place, and everyone will be happier.

I hope this has helped you as you consider your options in replacing your Toyota Celica engine. Used engines offer a chance to save a great amount of money, get an excellent quality product, and drive for many years at a cost you can afford.


Source by lowmileageengines