Cheapest Car Insurance For Single People


The cheapest car insurance for single people might not be very cheap. If you are single, you will pay a higher premium than a married couple or a mature driver. The car insurance industry has an age limit for drivers as well. If you are a single male aged twenty-three years old, you will have a higher car insurance rate than a single male aged twenty-nine as long as you both have the same driving record and credit history.

High-risk single drivers find car insurance rates even higher. The cheapest car insurance rate for a single male under twenty-five who has a less than perfect driving record will result in a big difference in price when receiving a quote for car insurance. Car insurance companies find young single women less of a risk and can offer the cheapest car insurance when the driver has a good driving record. Many other things need to be considered when looking for insurance when you are single.

Your location that you live in determines your car insurance rate as well. If you live in an area where the traffic is higher, you will receive a higher premium verses someone that lives in a low traffic area. Low crime areas also reflect on your car insurance and if you live where the crime rate is high, this can sometimes even cause reason to deny insurance.

Your driving records reflect how much your car insurance rate will cost. If you have, speeding or drinking violations you will pay a higher car insurance rate. Insurance companies go as far back as ten years on your driving infractions. In most cases, your car insurance rate lowers as your driving record improves. For more info see on Classic Car Insurance.

The vehicle type and the year along with your number of claims for accidents take some consideration when obtaining insurance. If you have a new SUV or a fifteen-year-old Chevy pick-up truck, the auto insurance quotes for the truck will be much lower then the SUV. The job you do and your education factors into determining your car insurance rate. If you deliver newspapers for a living, your insurance will be higher but your education status can help to lower your car insurance if you have a good grade point average.

These factors determine your car insurance rate. If you have a clean driving record and your gender is a woman living with your husband, your car insurance rate is going to be lower than an unmarried man who is single. If you live in an area with a high crime rate, you r insurance will be higher cheapest car insurance rate. You can look for the cheapest car insurance online and do some comparison-shopping to find the right policy for you.


Source by David Faulkner