Chipit diesel tuning device review


I have had difficulties with the vehicle loosing total power and stalling.

It has been known by Chip it for some time that the fuel pressure relief valve ‘spring’ is not able to take higher tunes

In addition to the intermittent stalling I have seen any improvement in fuel economy.
There is some marginal improvement of lower down torque.

I am yet to be convinced that to date this has been a worthwhile purchase.

Furthermore the chipit is not water proof or even really water resistant. It comes with a big warning not to get it wet and only comes with a flimsy bag to put it in. I mean how hard can it be to manufacture a waterproof or water resistant case for it?

In regards to the loss of power and stalling I have been experiencing with the Chip it module – the scan gague thows up the error code indicating ‘ fuel rail’. Probably because it is throwing too much fuel and creating high and dangerous pressures in the fuel rail.

Their 30 day money back guarantee isn’t worth the paper its written on as it clearly states on their website “The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee does not apply whereby customers change their minds.”

For some 8 months or so they have been endeavouring to resolve the loss of power /stall, with the initial supply of a ‘shim’ to be placed in behind the spring of the fuel pressure relief valve.

Now they offer an additional component being a blank ‘billet’ to replace totally the fuel relief valve – effectively removing this component. So that would totally void any factory warranty and I don’t think its very safe to be removing a pressure relief valve safety system in a crd rail which runs at high and dangerous pressures.

Other issues include in the higher rev range you will get a sudden lost of power and then it will return, like a hopping/kangaroo jump feel.

In my communications with Chip it recently – I was advised they knew some number of months ago of the issue I am experiencing – yet at no time prior to purchase do I recall seeing any information indicating or highlighting these possible issues.

It would appear they have identified some earthing issues with the 5 volt pick up of recent units sold but they haven’t yet resolved this.

Seems to be a very common story when you search various forums so I guess chipit still have a lot of R&D to do. They make claims about being Australian made but I’ve never seen any pictures of their manufacturing section and I wonder how real those claims are since they haven’t got the Australian made logo which is very easy to get of they are in fact Australian made.

Check their fine print. It states “CHIP IT can provide, at an extra cost, a 3rd Party Engine Warranty for up to $5,000 engine coverage” and on a CRD engine 5k wouldn’t even cover a couple of injectors. Doesn’t show much faith in their product if they wont warrant the engine. The engine warranty is only for 2 years maximum and they also state “only when a Chip It Module was purchased WITH the OPTIONAL CHIP IT EGT Controller.” Funny this is all hidden away in the fine print on their website and not mentioned in any of their advertising. I wonder how many have fitted a chipit not knowing the full story and what they could be up for if there is an engine blowup or insurance claim.

They also worryingly state “this modification is for racing or off-road use only and that use on road is not allowed in some states or territories.” So fitting a chipit could not only be illegal but possibly dangerous in that it could void any insurance claims in the event of an accident.

Personally I have removed the chipit from my vehicle after so many limp home problems and will now just run the vehicle in standard form as its not worth damaging my expensive vehicle or engine for a few kilowatt extra power.


Source by Mike Smith