Choosing the Right Improved Diesel Exhaust Systems


Since diesel engines are becoming more and more popular, the demand for performance diesel exhaust systems is quite high. Factory stock exhaust systems cannot give you optimum performance in most cases since there is always room for improvement.

Diesel performance exhaust systems have many advantages. They can give you more mileage per gallon and help you harness the most power from your engine because they aid proper waste gas emission, which is critical to the efficient output of the diesel engine. If the emission system is clogged with exhaust waste, the clean air that is necessary for fuel combustion gets cut off. Besides, these exhaust systems look good and sound seductive. The seductive purr of the diesel exhaust system can go from a low growl to a full-throated roar, something that is difficult to beat! Regardless of whether you are driving a Duramax, Cummins or Powerstroke, the right diesel exhaust system can maximize the performance of your engine.

So, if you are in the market for diesel exhaust systems that enhance the performance of your engine, then the choice is a tough one. Due to the increasing popularity of diesel, many viable options for diesel exhaust appear in the market from time to time. It is not just the exhaust alone, there are many chips and turners aimed at performance enhancement, which can make the choice of the right exhaust at the right budget even more difficult. Fortunately, a number of established brand names can help you make the right choice.


This brand is well recognized in diesel exhaust circles. With their tried and true formula, these systems streamline fuel flow with the right amount of air. This allows the diesel engine to maintain regular temperatures, which in turn helps enhance the performance and the longevity of the engine. Magnaflow has just introduced a stainless steel mandrel bent system that comes with a five-inch tip and carries a lifetime warranty. Magnaflow has been in the market for years; so, their technologies are backed by years of experience.

Other popular diesel exhaust systems like aFe and Diablo also help boost the efficiency and power of exhaust systems. Whichever brand you choose, one thing is certain: upgrading the diesel exhaust system of your truck will take performance to the next level. These systems boost horsepower and increase torque while keeping a tight control on exhaust gas temperatures. According to some independently conducted tests, these systems can improve performance by as much as 10-15 hp and 20-23 ft. lbs. of torque. Finally, by equipping your engine with a high performance exhaust system, you are doing your two bits for the environment too!

Some of the important things you have to remember before you buy your diesel exhausts system are:

  1. Decide on your budget and the type of exhaust system you want.
  2. Write down all the basic information about your vehicle including model, engine, make, year and size, and carry this information with you.
  3. There are different kinds of steel diesel systems in the market, with the topmost being stainless steel systems.
  4. Do not buy from the first dealer you come across. Shop around and hunt online for the best price. Take into consideration installation costs and go for systems with healthy warranties.


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