Cold Feet & Hands Causes – The 5 Main Cold Hands and Feet Causes! Find out how to Stop Feeling Cold!


Want to know the real cold feet & hands causes? Today discover the 5 main causes for cold hands and feet and how to stop feeling cold! Always having cold feet and hands is an indicator symptom of a greater issue at hand that is impacting your overall body temperature. The good news is that by understanding the 5 causes below you will be able to finally stop feeling cold all the time!

The Top 5 Causes of Cold Hands & Feet

Parasites: Much more common than you would expect, parasites are not limited to 3rd world countries only. They frequently affect people in 1st world nations such as the USA. They feed on the nutrition that should enter into your cells, causing a mal-absorption syndrome which very commonly mimics anemia and conditions where the body feels cold and as though it’s malnourished. Most tests for parasites are in-effective and doctors when asked about them will for the most part only laugh, but it’s no coincidence that so many people when they do a thorough parasite cleanse feel 10 times better and symptoms such as chronic cold hands just disappears.

Allergies: Chronic allergies either to foods you eat on a regular basis or an environmental allergy that you’re unaware of can perpetually sustain a reaction which causes lowered blood pressure & constantly cold hands and feet. The solution is to begin an elimination diet of the most common allergenic foods, this is something a candida diet will accomplish. As well pay attention to which environments make you feel cold when the temperature is perfectly fine. Consciously finding these causes will significantly affect how you feel.

Hypo-Thyroidism: This is another situation where the perception in the modern medical community is that you need to score very low on thyroid tests to indicate an under functioning thyroid. The reality is that you can score below average on their tests and they would tell you you’re fine when in reality this is the cause of your symptoms such as fatigue and cold hands and feet. I would highly suggest if you always have cold hands and feet that you research a product called Iodoral and start using it.

Anemia: This is the most common condition that doctors will check for when you complain of cold hands and feet. Unfortunately most times you will also find that doctors will say everything is within normal range. However this range can be quite large and it doesn’t prevent you from being at the bottom end and experiencing symptoms. At the same time there are co-factors such as B12 deficiency which can cause a lessened iron absorption. At the same time your body may simply not be maximizing its ability to use a mineral such as iron, quite often this kind of condition goes back to a candida or parasite issue.

Candida: At the root of many health conditions is a fungus that grows in over 90% of the population, the reality is that this yeast will only cause health problems once the immune system is weakened or the good bacteria in the body is negatively affected, allowing the yeast to overgrow in the body. Symptoms experienced are vast and can include cold hands and feet, sinus congestion, asthma, arthritic symptoms, chronic fatigue, rashes with no explanation, suppressed immune system which leads to frequent colds and depression/anxiety disorders. This only scratches the surface and if any of these symptoms jump out at you I’d suggest you take a Candida test to determine just how badly Candida appears to be affecting your health.

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Source by Jessica Dale