Common Accidents In The Workplace


The workplace is undoubtedly somewhere we should feel safe but, unfortunately, it isn’t always the case that our daily trip into the office is one we can count on to be accident free. There are a variety of accidents that can happen in various types of workplace, from slips and trips in the office to accidents involving heavy machinery in industrial workplaces.

While an office worker may be at less risk than a chef when it comes to burning yourself or slipping on a pool of spilt liquid, there are still plenty of risks in the office that can injure you or your colleagues should proper care not be taken to prevent them. When it comes to common accidents in the office, one particular area is at the top of the tables: slips, trips and falls.

Accidents caused by slips, trips or falls are undoubtedly one of the biggest office dangers. In an office where there are staircases and computer cables lying around on the floor, it’s important to be extra careful where you put your feet – but it’s also your employer’s responsibility to ensure you’re not put at risk due to negligence. Stairs should be equipped with handrails and all cables should be taped to the floor – just two of the ways your employer should be handling office health and safety to make sure you don’t get injured.

Other common accidents in the workplace include dangers like electrical incidents which, again, can usually be avoided if your employer strives to maintain the office electrics in their optimal condition. Heavy lifting is also a key offender and you should never agree to lift something your employer wishes you to if you are not physically able.

While slips and trips can be very dangerous accidents, as well as electrical incidents, there are some workplaces where health and safety should be one of the most important daily procedures. These include workplaces where heavy machinery is involved, where all staff should be provided with adequate training in operation and machine safety before using dangerous equipment, and workplaces where hazardous materials are handled. If your place of work requires you to handle dangerous chemicals or other substances, you should never do so without wearing the proper clothing to protect yourself and with the correct training.

If you do find yourself becoming the victim of an accident at work that was not your fault, you may want to look into making accident at work claims in order to see if you are eligible for help and compensation.


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