Comparing Six 4WD Luxury Cars in Australia


4WD vehicles have won the hearts of many drivers with their style and comfort. They can help you get almost anywhere in Australia, from the flat plateau deserts to the fertile plains. The Land Rover Discovery 4 is one of the most preferred 4WD vehicles in Australia. With its slick and tough engineering, this amazing 4WD can tackle even the most serious off-road duties while keeping drivers and passengers safe and secure. As a premium model, the Land Rover Discovery 4 exceeds expectations for all terrain driving.

The X240 4WD sports utility is a top-notch 4WD from Great Wall. This remarkable 4 wheel drive comes with a very low price and maintains a steady flow of power with a 2.4-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine. This car also features state-of-the-art safety technology, including dual airbags, a dual anti-lock brake system and electronic brake force distribution. Drivers will also have better control over this stunning car because it has four wheel disc brakes. Though it originally came from China, the Great Wall X240 has become a popular 4WD in Australia.

When people talk about the BRABUS, the first thing that comes to mind is high performance. The Mercedes Benz BRABUS provides convenient navigation and maximum speed. This 4WD is capable of reaching top speed in just a short period of time. This is ideal for drivers who want to race. The BRABUS also features an advanced electro-hydraulic breaking system that has been made for extreme terrain.

The Renault Koleos, due to be released later of this year in Australia, features an excellent design and an efficient diesel engine that helps save on petrol. With its 2.0 litre dCi engine, this is one of the most exceptional luxury SUVs available in Australia. It also has a slick design that people will love. Renault has reduced the combined cycle fuel consumption of the Koleos to help save money while driving.

Another excellent 4WD from Toyota is the Hilux 4×4. Since its release, Toyota has manufactured and sold almost a million of these amazing 4WD vehicles. It features coloured plastic plating and leather wrapped steering wheel with outstanding control for better driving. The interior ensures that drivers spend less time with buttons and switches and more time focused on driving. The Toyota Hilux is designed to provide convenience for drivers and passengers.

Made to sustain uneven roads, the Mitsubishi Pajero has been built with a powerful engine that features excellent mileage and speed. This incredible 4WD is perfect for long trips with other passengers. It also features foldable third row seats, an anti-lock breaking system, traction control and airbags for better safety.

These are some of the most popular 4WD luxury cars in Australia. Simply choose from among the many options and get the kind of vehicle that suits your standards.


Source by Ted Brumby