Dash Led Warning Lights


In earlier models of vehicles, the only conspicuous objects on a dash were a gas gauge that tells the driver how much gasoline is there in the fuel tank, and the speedometer. But over the years these communication icons that inform the driver about the condition of the vehicle have increased substantially. The instrument panel of today’s vehicles is a mixed bag of multicolored dash LED indicator lights that make the dash look like a carnival venue.

When the vehicle ignition is switched on, all these dash LED lights become active for an instant but will disappear equally fast once the engine is started. If any of these dash LED lights fail to go out on its own after the engine has been started, it means that something is wrong with the vehicle. The problem that the lights are trying to convey can be a problem with the brake, battery, oil pressure, engine, or diesel filter.

The dash LED light that is indicative of brake functioning normally lights up when the brake is in use. If it remains lit up even after the brake is released, it could mean that the brake fluid is low. The driver should then check and adjust the brake fluid level. If it remains lighted even after the brake fluid level has been corrected, it could be indicative of a faulty sensor. The vehicle has to be stopped then, and provision for repairing the fault has to be made immediately.

Another dash LED light is the warning light that communicates battery charge level. If this light continues to remain active after the engine has started, it conveys that there is some problem with the battery charging system. Here too, the vehicle has to be moved to a safe place and help sought immediately.

If the dash LED light that shows oil pressure continues in the lit position after the engine has started, or comes on suddenly while the vehicle is in motion, it means that the engine oil level is low. It has to be brought up to the necessary level immediately and if the light remains lit, the vehicle should be switched off and help sought.

Likewise, if the engine performance indicator dash LED light continues to flash or comes on in between while the vehicle is being driven, it means that there is some problem with engine functioning. Flashing of the engine warning light may not signify a problem that needs immediate attention as in the case of a brake problem or a battery problem. Even so, the problem should be rectified at the earliest.

Dash LED light of DPF, or diesel particulate filter, becomes active when the filter is blocked. In most cases this problem is rectified by driving the vehicle for more than 10 minutes at a speed above 40 miles an hour. This clearing process is known as regeneration, and the light will disappear once regeneration is complete.

Other dash LED warning lights that could light up the dash are ABS warning light and the light that alerts the driver to the presence of water in the fuel filter.

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Source by Sunil Punjabi