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Black Castle Ruins Alashan Alashan is the most western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is the worst geographical area, several staggered distribution of the desert, sand erosion of the Central Desert Highway, along the way found some sand hill near the road had been extended to a few meters from the main road place. Poplar

Desert Smoke, Feng Cypriot side court, strips, black city ruins, Weak water flood, however unknowingly roam between the Gobi desert in Inner Mongolia, the depths of the Northwest, many strange images suddenly piled up in in front of me, catching up with the wheel away from the long history of separate for too long with the lens to capture the natural, as if heaven and hell here, the nearest place.

  1 paragraph Hohhot? In Baotou? Wulateqianqi? Linhe

Mileage: 462km Road: 110 National Road is very wide, from Hohhot to Baotou more along the vehicle, driving need to pay attention to safety. Wulateqianqi to Linhe with intermittent road, will affect the speed.

Oil: This section of town are more fuel will not have any problems.

Accommodation: Hohhot is the capital of the autonomous region, the various grades of hotels complete. Linhe is Mengxi region’s most important transport hub, accommodation options are many more than 2 star hotel accommodation, so good, is very clean.

Food: Hohhot of Genghis Khan can be grilled teppanyaki many different types of hard to eat the left Hohhot. In addition to mutton, the Linhe local camel meat is also worth tasting.

Landscape: the north of the big mountains, the sea and the Xi Lamu Jen Su Kazakhstan steppe in central Inner Mongolia region are well-known attractions. Hohhot and Baotou many nearby historical sites, tours for visit to Cuba.

Grassland, grassland near Hohhot, is also true of the grassland in central Inner Mongolia. Xi Lamu Jen is Mongolian, “Yellow” means, although there are no spectacular Hulunbeir and Xilin Gol grassland, but in this piece of grassland on the road, unrestricted, soft green grass, connecting heaven and earth, smoke curl upwards, hot milk is also very unique fragrance . Here is mainly grass Stipa purpurea, and Yu-chu, low grasses such as Stipa, vertical look up to, a string of a yurt with a full eyes, characteristic style is a glance.

Also entrenched the surrounding grassland six ancient Great Wall, Qin and Han Great Wall, Emperor Qin Great Wall, Great Wall, the Northern Wei Dynasty, Jin Han Dynasty Great Wall and the two Community Composition and the Great Wall, a place so much concentration of Great Wall, unique in the country.

From grassland to continue westbound into the Yellow River, “a few” font in the middle?? Header area. Baotou is the war in which the collision of ancient times to retain the most complete ancient Warring States Zhao Wall is China’s most ancient great wall, built by the King Wuling of Zhao.

2 Linhe? Dengkou? Wuhai? Alashan Mileage: 287km Traffic: has been a national highway, traffic conditions are very good, wide road.

Oil: Many gas stations along the way, the general quality of gasoline.

Stay: the best living in the seat of government Bayanhaote flag Alashan, larger cities and towns, convenient.

Food: this route is mainly along the hills and farmland, few villages and towns, so it is best to bring some food in the car.

Landscape: the Great Wall castles Wuhai east of Yellow River, the West Bank of the Ulan Buh Desert is the perfect place for photographer.

A child, I can recite “the green field the vast, wind-swept pastures sheep and cattle,” the poem, but just in front of a vertical view of the death, also can not imagine how “days like Qiong Lu, cage cover fieldwork” the true picture.

From Linhe, along State Road 110 into the Bayan Cho Seoul Union Etuoke Banner. Badain Jaran Desert, Tengger Desert and the Ulan Buh Desert are concentrated here. Badain Jaran Desert Sand 500-meter high mountain is called “the desert of the Himalayas”, and its peak is not set as always on the move, using GPS can not determine its height, that its nature insufferably arrogant. In the dust storm and watched the wind move the foot of the sand, such as the surging river, enveloped almost the entire car up. Mongolian singer Tengger

Etuoke Banner is also the home of “heaven” Why can move the hearts of so many people? I think not just the lyrics, but the kind of mood and melody, perhaps the kind of desolate Tengger home mood, nostalgia should be the soul of folk music will always rally to the cause. Cho Seoul alliance Bayan most famous folk song called “Swan”, when I heard the time think of Hai Zi Yin Shannan North countless birds gathered on the scene. Bameng folk songs is climbing the most popular tune is popular in central and western Inner Mongolia, agricultural farming and pastoral areas and a short tune folk songs, field, pasture, shepherds can be heard everywhere, high-pitched singing. Climbing the structure and tone very similar to northern Shaanxi Xin Tian, fast paced, witty language, the history of this and Yin Shannan North intense national integration are inseparable.

Do not know “red chuan, Yin under the” Where is? Wheel in this poem is known for the mountain side through, Yinshan western section of the Wolf Mountain and Marble mountains by fierce known, Mantra Hill, Diablo Lai Shan, table mountain, Ural mountains and birch back, each all containing a name behind many secrets and legends. Yin’s high and steep and barren desert do not know how many block the spread of the war, Turks, Wala, … … come and gone Tatars, swords, horses, Yin on the passage of the years in the West Inner Mongolia.

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