Different Wedding Vow Words to Use


Your wedding vows are words that express the way you feel about your love one. So you want to make those words come from your heart. Those words that you speak on your wedding day are the words that form your marriage for the rest of your life. Your wedding vows are also the centerpiece of the ceremony. You also want to make sure you share the right words with your love one.

There are many words to use to express your love for some one, but there are many different ways to show your love for some one too. The words used to make your wedding vows are all from your own heart. Some words that are used may be something like, we feel, or our love. Our goals together and on our own will be reached, is more words that are used in wedding vows. Our dreams, hopes, and fears are often used too.

Thank god for making this day possible is usually said in all wedding vows, but may be said somewhat different. There will be shelter, and now no loneliness can be used. In our hearts is another one that is used often. As I treasure you, I’ll take your hand while you take mine is very nice words to use for your wedding vows. There are now two bodies and one life is a very good way to express the way you feel. Our future lie ahead of us now is one good way to end the wedding vows. There are many other words to say to end it also though.

There are many different words used for wedding vows you just got to sit down with your love one and express the way you feel for one another. This should help you through it as long as you both are letting it come from your hearts. Other words like new laughter and shared tears are a way that you look at things for after the marriage. If you get some to say your wedding vows for you some words that they may say are, they became one now and forever. Now that is a good way to end your wedding vows.

There are so many ways to express your love for some one, but what comes from your heart truly is what is remembered forever. You may be able to express your feelings so good in your wedding vows that others that are there for your wedding may feel the feelings. Fill today and all tomorrows with so much love that yesterdays pain will fade away, now that is a way to express your words that you wanted to say.


Source by Gemm