Dropshipping, Import & Export and Global Sourcing


Dropshipping is accepted by the society as a profession and gateway of sorts to import and export if not global sourcing and it is getting feverishly popular by the year. Dropshipping is safer than import/export and instant than affiliate marketing. Be warned, pitfalls in dropshipping, unlike in import/export or global sourcing, are terrible that your business can crash quickly.

-Pitfalls in Dropshipping
As import and export is fundamentally different from dropshipping, the seller invariably has to hope for the professionalism and goodwill of the wholesaler. Since you are a declared retailer, global sourcing middlemen have a field day by charging you heftily just for finding safe wholesalers, which is the biggest problem associated with dropshipping. While this may not be a problem in itself, you are made to pay each dropshipper the middleman identified for you a fee in addition to the already paid amount leaving you wondering about the profit potential.

-Dropshipping Advantages
Dropshipping helps supplement incomes for of people wishing to get into import/export or global sourcing, which are larger ball games. Closely mapping import/export and global sourcing at different levels, dropshipping allows for working out of home, for any products/services that import and export deals with, without the necessity to stock items.

If you want to know the benefits of dropshipping, it need not be by joining but by taking lessons from other people’s experiences. Dropshipping lets you take the pride of being in the larger games like global sourcing and import/export by selling goods wherein the dropshipper ships the product directly to your buyer. Although marketing takes a fulltime effort, probably this is the reason why one should consider dropshipping.

-Advantages of Dropshipping Vis-à-vis Import/Export
Look at the benefits of dropshipping business in contrast with import and export or global sourcing. The biggest advantage of dropshipping is you can start-off without spending a dime on inventory, warehousing and tied-up capital. Setup costs and gestation periods are so small that you can be off the ground in no time. Many dropshipping retailers charge global sourcing parties a shipping fee like actual import and export dealers; it serves as a launch pad for those with big plans.

Dropshipping is no more new but beware of common troubles with greedy wholesalers beforehand. Your persistence, abilities in sales, convincing a manufacturer or export/import will anyhow sail you through. Global sourcing or import/export will not pardon procrastinators as one assignment lost due to your drawbacks can cost them hugely.


Source by Dylan Sun