Dynamics GP Partner CA Newsflash: FRx troubleshooting


Microsoft Dynamics GP financial reporting: Balance, P&L, Cash Flow Statement, consolidated reports are typically designed in FRx Report Designer.  Also, seeing increasing number of Great Plains and FRx client applications to be installed and hosted in Citrix and Windows Terminal Server environment, we would like to give you few FRx error messages and background technologies explained

  1. FRx Specification Set files.  If you install FRx – you typically copy Fabrikam Works demo companies, where all their Row Formats, Column Layouts, Reporting Trees and Report catalogs are located in FRxDemo specification set (FRxDemo.f32 file).  For your real companies you typically build your reporting blocks in Default spec set (FRxRpts.f32 file).  However if you have more than one company and if you place report objects for different companies into different Specification Sets, then when you login FRx you will see the reporting catalog from the specification set, where your default company is currently resides.  In order to see reports for the other company, you will have to switch default company in FRx
  2. Invalid Path Specified for Work Drive.  This error message is seen on Citrix or Terminal Server.  In order to understand this error and how to cure it, in FRx go to Admin->Processing Options and review the path in Optional Work Drive edit field.  Normally you would see there something like this: C:Documents and SettingsAdministrator.DOMAINLocal SettingsTemp4.  Please, create shared directory, available to all the domain users with full control privileges and change the path to this newly created directory
  3. G32 files corruption.  If you installed FRx with default settings, please be sure you understand how it rebuilds GL indexes.  FRx is universal and it has connectors for such accounting packages as Great Plains, Solomon, Axapta, Navision, etc.  In each case it builds so-called GL indexes to expedite reports generation.  Default installation places GL indexes to G32 files (with the names, resembling SQL DB company name).  If you are getting error message on FRx login – unable to rebuild GL indexes, please rename G32 file for your default FRx company and login FRx one more time.  In order to rebuild GL index files for all FRx companies, please rename all G32 files in your Sysdata folder and then login FRx and change in sequence default company to come through each company
  4. Old FRx versions support.  Dynamics GP 10.0, 9.0 and 8.0 require FRx 6.7 (GP 10.0 requires FRx 6.7 SP 9 or newer).  Previous versions of Great Plains should work with specific FRx earlier version (GP 7.5 should work with FRx 6.5, for example).  These nuances make old FRx user workstation installations FRx version and service pack sensitive


Source by Andrew Karasev