Fat Kids In Thailand


Every day I see more and more fat “kids” in Thailand. Now I hate to be so blunt, but these are not just “fat for a Thai” a “little bit over weight” type kids but really fat.

I know I am a fat slob, now, but I am 53.

I was not at eight or even 38. Weight is an issue for many adults, but did you know that children can have a problem with weight as well?

I know it is easy just to point the finger at Junk food which is now available in Thailand such as Macdonald, KFC and Pizza Hut, and I have not conducted in depth studies, but the truth is ten years ago you did not have these places and ten years ago you did not see Fat Thai people, kids or adults, but there are many reasons why a child could have problems with weight.

First of all, it is possible that he or she will have a medical problem causing the weight gain or loss. Remember that low weight can be as dangerous and unhealthy as high weight. Medical problems that cause this can usually be controlled by medical treatment by a professional, but some conditions are very dangerous if to go untreated. Always have your child see a doctor if you are concerned about a specific weight problem.

The raise in obesity in the UK also in my opinion, coincided with the explosion of the amount of these and other Junk food places. So why? Fat and Fatty food is and always has been eaten in Thailand, many of the local dishes are deep fried and fatty. The same could be said about the UK and our famous Fish and Chips. Lack of exercise we are told is the real problem in the UK and I agree that my children certainly do not seem to get out and about to play in the way that I did at their age, but they are not inactive couch potatoes, yes they like the computer and the television, but indoor games are nothing new in themselves and neither is television. We had both when I was a kid except we called the games, board games.

The Internet is very popular now in Thailand and a lot of kids in the city do spend a lot of time in cafe’s playing games, but this cost money and most kids in Thailand can not afford them and are not spending time in these shops.

I am sorry but there must be another deeper reason, and I believe the fast food chains are to blame. It is not just their food, although If your child is not getting the appropriate nutrients, he or she may also have problems with weight. It is very important for your child to eat the same nutritious foods enjoyed by adults, only in smaller portions. If your child eats lots of junk foods and does not get enough good foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products, being overweight may be a problem. I believe where the fast food chains go wrong is with their whole eat as much as you can idea that they promote, presumably to create more sales. Not a piece of chicken and chips, you are pushed to but a bucket, not a pizza, but buy one get one free, or eat all you can buffet, and as for the Big Mac, well the name alone promotes eat big does it not.

Maybe our kids are lazier maybe they do spend too long on the computer, but most of all in my opinion, led by the non stop advertising of the big chain fast food outlets, they are just getting more greedy.

So what do we parents do, cook at home and get them to eat more healthy, the sad truth is that in todays world most of us are too busy just trying to make ends meet. We now have two parents working, if there are two parents, in many cases some are trying to cope alone. Time is everything or so it seems in most of the families I know. Also the Kids would go mad, they love the stuff. Personally I think the Governments should ban the fast food chains, but that would never do, after all what happens when I get my Big Mac attack and just have to have a family feast to myself. I hate to leave questions unanswered but I just do not have the answer to what we do about it, But I know why there are so many fat kids in Thailand, even if the clown and his friends deny it.

If you would like to try cooking food at home that the kids will love, and have more control over the way it is cooked and the amount that is served, try the link below, it will also raise your brownie points with the kids, no pun intended.



Source by Graham Crawley