Features of the Toyota Camry Hybrid


With all the high gas prices out there, hybrid vehicles are continuing to become more popular among drivers. There are a few hybrid choices out there, but the Toyota Camry Hybrid seems to be the most popular of those choices. Check out some of the features of the Toyota Camry hybrid and what sets itself apart from the other hybrids.

Although the Toyota Camry hybrid is exactly the same as the previous Camry sedan models in many aspects, definitely the Hybrid models differ in some ways. As Hybrid cars are run partly by electricity and the rest by gasoline, there is no denial that there would be positive outcome but there would also be a number of negative impacts. Camry hybrid’s later models, such as the 2007 was classified as a “full hybrid”. This is because it could run on gas or on electric energy, depending on the preference of the driver. Nowadays, the combination of both is considered to be more popular and more and more people are considering investing in these models.

While the sales of Toyota Camry hybrid are currently remarkably high, the company is still doing their best to get a greater share in the market. Because of this, a massive and research is being conducted to develop the existing specification of the Camry Hybrid. Based on the current specifications of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, we realize that the hybrid is either superior or just within the average level. In the city, the Toyota Camry hybrid has a 40 MPG gas mileage while if the highway it has 38 MPG gas mileage. It runs utilizing a four-cylinder engine that is using gasoline as fuel. The maximum capacity of its NiMH 245V battery is about 30 kilowatt or 40 horsepower, peaking at about 192 horsepower or 140 kilowatts.

About 2.4 liters of fuel can be accommodated in its gasoline engine while the electric motor is 45-horsepower. There is also a system that helps the Camry Hybrids’ engine to maintain its efficient power band and this is the facilitating by the continuously variable transmission or CVT the transfer of power to the front wheels. With the help of Hybrid Synergy Drive, the engine always remains at a single gear even if the speed changes.

Toyota Camry Hybrid, based on test drives and reviews conducted, can match the acceleration speed of the Toyota V6 Camry. The Toyota Camry Hybrid is said to have a finer acceleration particularly during traffic merges or highway speed, despite being a Hybrid.

Gas Mileage and Environmental Information

The Toyota Camry Hybrid deserves the award of the Green car of the Year as well as the Eco-Friendly Car in 2007. True to its term as a hybrid, the car is known and proven to apply significantly low consumption of fuel. The fact that Toyota Camry Hybrid can run on a combination of a gasoline and electric engines makes this car formidable and worthy of such awards.

To explain the process, if the car was started from at rest point, the gasoline engine is used by the car. Once it gains and maintains its acceleration speed, the car automatically utilizes its electric motor. We can realize that gasoline consumption is lessened. In this way, the economic efficiency in fuel consumption steps in.

No amount of energy goes to waste even when the driver uses the breaks since it regenerative braking system is being observed. The regenerative braking system is the process the mechanical energy produced when stepping on the brakes is automatically transformed into electric energy that is then automatically kept in the battery. Therefore, plugging the car into an electric outlet for battery charging is no longer needed.

There is also a lower amount of emissions. Toyota Camry Hybrid according to test results, were confirmed to produce the lowest amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These gases are known to be the major cause of ozone layer destruction. We can hereby confirm that Toyota Camry Hybrid is a major breakthrough for the ecological awareness, as it does not contribute to the destruction of the environment brought about by these toxic emissions.

In any factors, Toyota Camry Hybrid has been highly commendable. In fact, the fuel economy department has recognized its US Environmental Protection Agency rating of about 33 miles per gallon. About 700 miles in distance covers the mobility of the car.

Other Features

Toyota Camry Hybrid is known for applying Hybrid Synergy Drive, it uses a computerized system in the engine transmission interior making the vehicle a one of its kind vehicle. Another unique and smart feature is the LED tail lights, as well as the Eco button that helps make the smart adjustment of the climate control feature easier to manage.

To ensure safety, the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management system is being used for the Toyota Camry Hybrid, note that this system is solely associated with Toyota. This system proves to be very helpful as it helps to detect information from many sensors in the car, respectively, it would trigger the Camry hybrids to set off the respective functions of the car. The control of the Traction of noise, electronic-rake force distribution are monitored by this unique system

As a standard Toyota Camry Vehicle, the safety features are automatically included namely the side curtain bags, anti-lock brakes and side airbags which are mounted on the front seats. Stability control inclusion is an optional safety feature.

With an average current price of $ 26,200, an investment for a Toyota Camry Hybrid is not that bad. Note that the price was set by Toyota Motors at about $25,200 during the initial release of their Hybrids. Although a purchase of a hybrid nowadays can be considered a luxury, we should also consider that the costs of these hybrids are far lesser than the high-end cars. In fact, if we do our research, we can immediately realize that the price of Toyota Camry Hybrid compared to other hybrids in the market is very competitive. Most of the car manufacturers of hybrids mark these models with higher tag price due to the cost of more innovative design, more complicated process to assemble a highly fuel efficient vehicle.

It is remarkable to learn that nowadays, more and more people are considering purchasing these hybrid cars. And this was just after the U.S. car industry suffered a drawback brought about by the dwindling economy, deflating currencies, dramatic increase in fuel and crude oil prices. Buying a vehicle was no longer a priority in the midst of that crisis, but recently the sales figure of the hybrid has shown progress which is why we believe that people are willing to invest on these hybrid vehicles mainly because of its fuel efficient factors. More people are beginning to realize what their investment of hybrid vehicle could give them in return.

For the Toyota Camry Hybrid, I don’t think we have left anything more to say. The car is a certified Hybrid, tested and proven. And much to others regret, there have been no negative feedbacks on this model of a hybrid. Toyota Camry Hybrid is a very good investment indeed, and I were you, I wouldn’t wait any longer, grab your check and contact your Toyota dealer right away!


Source by Thomas Jones