Forklift Update; Hyster E45-70XN offers advancements in Quality and Ergonomics


The E45-70XN is the newest line electric forklift from Hyster Company. This electric forklift offers advancements in quality and ergonomics making it one of the most operator-friendly AC-powered electric lift trucks in the market.

The Hyster E45-70XN forklift is ideally designed for indoor use and suited for a wide variety of applications such as food and beverage distributions, general warehousing, lumber and building material distribution. With lower cost of operations, advanced dependability, superior ergonomics and enhanced productivity, the new Hyster E45-70XN is a safe & best choice.

It has a newly designed compartment with relocated dash display for enhanced visibility and pallet control. The trucks hood has been redesigned to provide maximum battery service access to reduce downtime. The hood’s new design allows easy access for the operator when getting into and getting out from the truck.

It also features a remodeled operator compartment with increased foot and leg room by 20% while the fore-aft foot space area has increased 10% as compared to Hyster’s previous electric forklift models. The floor palette is removable for easy maintenance.

The Hyster E45-70XN forklift has a new Traction Motor designed with steel and cast end bells to allow maximum air flow that features improved speed and provide accurate monitoring.

By using AC motors and transistor controller technology for all traction and hydraulic systems, the Hyster E45-70XN forklift reduces the frequency and cost maintenance. The Hyster electric forklift has a thermal management system that continuously monitors critical electric forklift functions to optimize performance and protect its vital components as well as the operator.

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Source by Cesar Marlo M Rivera