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Police Officer Exam Sample Questions

Look if you are dead serious about becoming a cop, then there are some exams that you must pass in order to get promoted to the next step of the hiring process. One of the most difficult of them all is the police officer written exam. In all honesty, the entrance exam will eliminate around fifty percent of all applicants, that’s a known fact.The exam itself is not a walk in the park, but with proper preparation you can pass the police exam with a high score.

As one who took the entrance exam before, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my experiences with future police officers. Below I’ve completed a 1 sample test question. Remember to read the information below very carefully to come up with the correct answer.

police officer exam sample question:

Right before the new year there were reports of several homicides throughout the city. Based on several eyewitness statements, detectives believe the same individual is responsible for all the killings. Police Officers are provided with the following description of the suspect: Hispanic male, with long brown hair, approximately 160lbs., missing two finger on his right hand, and was last seen wearing a blue Carhartt jacket.

five days later, Officer Dalton witnessed a traffic violation and stopped a vehicle containing five males . Officer Dalton believes that one of the males inside the vehicle is responsible for all the murders. Which on of the items of information provided by witnesses should Officer Dalton consider to be the most essential piece of information that will help identifying the suspect?

1. The male suspect was missing two fingers
2. The male suspect was said to be wearing a blue carhartt jacket
3. The subject was described by witnesses as having long brown hair
4. The suspect weigh one hundred and sixty pounds


The correct answer is A. Missing two fingers on any hand is pretty unusual, and is the most helpful tip as Officer Dalton try to identifying the suspect. lets check out other answers. If you should choose answer B, the suspect can always change his jacket. If your pick was answer C, then the male suspect had enough time to cut his hair and finally weight can vary by 10-15 pounds


If you’re serious about going into law enforcement, I suggest that you start preparing right away. You can start by getting a police exam preparation guide from a reputable source. The preparation manual are great in going over such things like general policemen concepts, dangerous felon stops, and different common sense scenarios that you might see on the exam.


Source by Ira Hewitt