Get Excellent Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Car Care Tips at an Auto Repair Shop in Tampa


How often does a car owner need auto air conditioning repair in Tampa? Given how hot the weather in this side of Florida can be, the answer is a lot. Car air conditioner repair is needed so frequently that it makes sense to choose an auto repair shop in Tampa that specializes specifically in automobile AC repair. Of course, this auto repair shop should also have expertise in auto maintenance and tune ups and even brakes, shocks and transmission repair in Tampa.

Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair is an auto repair shop in Tampa that does specialize in automobile AC repair, as its name suggests. As part of its customer and public service, this auto repair shop offers some basic car care tips to vehicle owners in Tampa and elsewhere.

According to Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair, every glove compartment should contain the vehicle’s owner’s manual, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance card and claim instructions, the phone number of the vehicle owner’s roadside assistance provider and the vehicle owner’s account number as well as a map. Every vehicle’s trunk, on the other hand, should have a spare tire that is regularly checked, tire jack, tire pressure gauge, air pump, jumper cables, flat board and cat litter to get the vehicle out of mud, blankets, bottled water, flashlight with spare batteries, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and a tool kit.

Vehicle owners should regularly check on tire tread wear and proper inflation. Improper inflation can decrease efficiency in gas mileage while uneven wear gives clues on the need for wheel alignment. Driving with worn tire treads in wet or icy roads can be very dangerous.

Even simple wiper blades should be checked regularly and immediately replaced when worn because any streaking or smearing on the windshield affects driver visibility.

It is also very dangerous to drive with defective headlights, brake lights, parking lights and turn signals so these should be regularly checked and promptly attended to.

To prevent fuel evaporation and waste, vehicle owners should always check that the gas cap is tightly screwed on.

Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair also recommends that a vehicle owner should do regular checks under the hood, especially when the engine maintenance light comes on. A vehicle owner who tends to be forgetful should find ways to set reminders for regular car checks. This can be done through the calendar function of a personal computer laptop or even a smart phone. There are some simple checks that the car owner can do before taking the vehicle for a professional examination.

The vehicle owner should regularly check oil levels. It should be changed after every 3,000 miles or even more frequently if the oil is running low. If the oil is insufficient or is dirty, the vehicle engine can be damaged.

The vehicle owner should comply strictly with the manufacturer’s instructions in the owner’s manual on when to replace the air filter, fuel filter and automatic transmission fluid as well as all belts and hoses. The wiper fluid should never be allowed to run low.

Finally, the vehicle owner should regularly check on the level of the coolant used by the auto air conditioner. This becomes even more crucial during the changing of the seasons.

Do not allow yourself to suffer needlessly in the heat while on the road. Make sure that your chosen auto repair shop is an expert not only in auto maintenance, tune ups and brakes, shocks and transmission repair but, even more important, in auto air conditioning repair in Tampa. Car air conditioner repair is very important for the well being of both the driver and the passengers in hot Tampa weather. Never put off automotive AC repair and make sure it is done properly and quickly at your trusted auto repair shop in Tampa.


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