Get Free Traffic To Your HubPages


So you want to get some serious traffic using the power of web 2.0pages?

I know a lot of people know that hub pages is a great way to get traffic to their website. The reason is they are loved by the major search engine’s.
However here are 10 tips to get even more traffic to your hub’s after you optimize them and create them.

“To reduce your internet footprint” I suggest you make 5 new Gmail/Hotmail etc. accounts with different names. This is because some of the services I am going to mention in the article might only accept 1 post per day.

Ok, Here We Go! 10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Hub Pages.

1. Write A Press Release and submit it to all the free press release websites. Mention your hub in your signature or if that is not allowed mention your hub as an example in your press release. That is a quick and easy way to boost your hub.

2. Use services such as Socialmarker & OnlyWire to save time. This why I mentioned earlier to make 5 new email accounts. You will get lots of back links and with these services you will be able to submit to lot’s of social bookmarks all at once.

3. Us Free Ads or other free classified ad sites that don’t have restrictions on ads meaning you are allowed to post your URL in the ad.

4. Rss Feed Submission Put your hub in rss directories, over time you should start getting a steady flow of traffic.

5. Related Niche Forums!
Always make sure your allowed to put your signature at the bottom of your posts and find topics that are being viewed a lot so more people will see your URL and you will get more potential visitors clicking on your sig.
Always provide some sort of call to action and make sure your sig matches the discussions your participating in.

6. Of Course You Can Always Write Articles… If your in a hurry only submit to the top 5. The top two are Ezine Articles and Go Articles.

7. Stumble Upon It. Create a free stumble upon account and post your hub link there.

8. Make Video’s that advertise your hub in the video and upload them to YouTube, Google Video, and all the other free video share sites.

9. Do you use Myspace/Facebook? Add your hub’s to your profile and email your friends.

10.Yahoo Answers is a really great way to drive some free traffic your hub and website with minimal effort. As long as you answer the question and your reference adds value to your answer you should be fine!

I hope these tips helped you think of new ideas on how to get traffic for free: If you did this every other day your traffic would grow a lot over time and after you get momentum you won’t be able to shut the traffic off even if you tried to!


Source by Jason Szova