Get Higher Gas Mileage by Maintaining Your Car ( Part 1 of 2 )


Taking care of your vehicle will make the car last the longest and it will give you the most mileages out of it.  Some of the benefits are that you will have fewer repairs, your car will run smooth and won’t leave you stranded some where, will help on your gas mileage and more.  Now you don’t need to be a car mechanic to know about your car.  In this article I will provide you with steps on how to take care of your vehicle, and help you learn a little more.

The first thing I recommend to people is to have a repair manual for your vehicle.  This will help you learn and understand a little more info about your car and what it will need.  Remember getting to know your vehicle will help you out in the future plus when you take in to a mechanic shop you will know a little more about what the guy is talking about and this way you will know that you are not getting screwed.  You can basically buy the manual at any dealer or even an auto parts store.

Here are some procedures for maintaining your car.

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Weekly:  Check all of your fluids and make sure you service your car all the time. This includes your radiator fluid only when it is cold so you don’t’ burn your self, transmission fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid and windshield washer fluid.  Now most of these fluids are very important for the car to run properly except the windshield washer fluid is more of safety because it can clean your windshield if it is dirty or something covers it.  Now in any of your fluids you notice that it smells or it is dirty then it is time for you to change it.

Bi Weekly: Check your tire pressure. You will need a tire pressure gauge, which you can find at almost all auto part stores or gas stations and they are not that expensive.  Each tire valve will have a cap on it to protect it from rocks and dirt.  You will have to unscrew the cap counter clock wise till it is off.  Then stick the gage on the valve which will then tell you what Pressure your tires are.  Now you have to check your manual, or the driver front door would have a sticker or actually another easier way would be to check your tire and it will have the info on it on what the pressure should be set to.  Now remember when your tire is cold you will have an accurate reading, because once it gets warm the air in the tire will expand and won’t give you an accurate readings.  Now if the tire pressure is low then you can basically go to any gas station or repair shop.

Tire Pressure Tip – When you have the pressure set properly on your tires then you will save some money on gas and by that you will be getting more mileage out of a full tank, also your tire won’t pull to one side if one of them has less or even more air in it.


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