Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit….drive Away Today!


We have all heard or seen these car sales ads on TV or the radio; these ads target those living pay cheque to pay cheque. Dealers and Manufacturers play on the emotions, ego, and self-image of the vehicle consumer, knowing full well that the new car buyer can barely afford to make the payments on their sparkling new car. There are a few realistic and practical tips that will prevent you from purchasing one of these sparkling money pits.

Take emotion out of the car purchasing equation. If you plan on saving money and want to find the best bang for your car purchasing buck, you should not let your emotional attraction for the latest model interfere with your purchasing decision. You must realize that a vehicle is nothing but transportation, that new sexy car model won’t make you more attractive nor will it make you a happier person in the long term. Before you walk into your local car dealer know what practical features are required to meet your vehicle needs. Don’t base your purchasing decision on emotion.

Buy a shiny used car. There are many used cars on the market that are barely a year old with low mileage. These cars are your best bargain, as vehicle values drop thousands of dollars the moment they driven off the car lot. Take advantage of this fact and purchase a like-new used vehicle. There are amazing bargains out there and most of these vehicles still have factory warranty, as well as that delightful new car smell. You will definitely get more bang for your buck buying used versus new; get a year old Cadillac for the price of a new Honda. Ask your local car dealer about their lease backs, these are virtually brand new vehicles. There are many Edmonton used cars that provided excelent value.

Purchase domestic. Today imports vehicles are the latest fashion while domestic vehicles have lost favor. Domestic car manufacturers are desperately trying to regain market share, and they are offering more value for the dollar than ever; take advantage of these bargains. Import vehicles are priced higher and provide less value for the car purchasing dollar. Many people will argue that import vehicles are higher quality and manufactured to a higher standard; however most of these vehicles are built by Americans in American factories next door to the domestic car factory. These manufactures uses similar manufacturing technologies and often share components- including engines.

Gas prices will not be coming down. The price of fuel will never significantly drop in this energy driven world. Remember to purchase a vehicle that offers excellent gas mileage, this way as oil prices increase you will still be able to afford that summer vacation. Don’t buy that SUV for that one time a year you may go camping or to your summer cottage. Your local car rental company offers SUV, trucks and vans at quite reasonable prices.

The final point; vehicles are NOT assets they are liabilities that only make your wallet lighter.


Source by Jason