Great Handy Tips for Tata Indica Maintenance


Owning a brand of Tata car is itself an honor and maintaining it perfectly is what a common owner desires for. Tata Indica maintenance is not so tough and it is very good car from point of low maintenance cost plus renders a good mileage as well. After the launch of Tata Indica, this excellent hatchback has made a prominent place in the small car segment. The car bears compact but classy looks with spacious interiors and a powerful engine to handle tough Indian roads. So in order to keep your car up-to the mark, just follow the timely Tata Indica maintenance schedule as it’s easy on pocket plus renders a great driving experience.

1.Regular oil change is a must – Changing the engine oil is very essential as per schedule and manufacturer’s guidelines. The change of oil is required in order to make the components well lubricated so that the vehicle performs flawlessly without any overheating. The Tata Motors recommends changing the engine oil of Tata Indica cars at every 10,000 kms or 6 months whichever is earlier.

2.Maintain the fluid level – Maintaining the different fluid levels in the car system is essential for the continuous and persistent performance of the vehicle. So make sure that various fluid levels are checked from time to time, also remember that the ‘full’ mark indication is kept in mind while filling up the fuel. Few of the very important fluid levels that need to be checked weekly are Transmission fluid, brake fluid, battery fluid and coolant fluid.

3.Check the tire pressure – It’s recommended to check the car tire pressure every month without fail or whenever they look low. Remember that low tire pressure makes your car absorb more fuel resulting into lower gas mileage. Keep the tires appropriately inflated as proper tire pressure increases the driving efficiency plus protects your wheels from being damaged.

4.Periodical servicing of the car – As per schedule you must take your vehicle to an authorized service station for proper servicing. It’s very important to timely follow the strict guidelines regarding service of your Tata Indica provided by the manufacturer. Also try to make a checklist of the problems and faults present in your vehicle before going to the workshop for the servicing and don’t forget to take a test drive of your car inspecting all the points mentioned.

Following these informative tips for Tata Indica maintenance will surely make you love your car and its overwhelming performance plus the information will make you aware ‘how important maintenance is’ for any of your precious vehicle.


Source by Tarunkumar