How Do Fuel Reformulators Work?

Truck owners and drivers, motoring enthusiasts and corporate fleet managers all know that the easiest way to save big dollars on fuel is by improving their engines’ fuel economy. So its not surprizing that they were the first people to fully understand why using a fuel reformulator will improve their bottom line.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy your gas at your local pump or at a huge Chevron fuel centre. Whether you are looking for cheaper diesel in Denver, to save money on gasoline in Galveston, or reduce fuel costs in Columbus, don’t think that searching for a cheaper price at the pump is the way to go.

Quality fuel reformulators, like Ethos FR, are now available to the public via a selected distribution network – it will not be grouped with ‘fuel additives’ on retail shelves. That’s because fuel reformulators are in a totally different league. They are not petroleum or alcohol based, and it is not necessary to add a full container of good fuel reformulators to your tank as you do with those products. They are all natural ingredients that dramatically lower toxic exhaust system emissions.

In a nutshell, here are the key benefits of using a quality fuel reformulator:

* It will save you between 7-19% on your fuel bill

* It reduces hydrocarbon exhaust emissions by at least 30%

* It is mineral based – bio-degeradable

* There are no toxic substances in its formula, it is a natural product

* It is very simple to add to your fuel tank (just one ounce each time you fill up)

* It is totally safe to add to your car, or to any internal combustion engine

The secret to the success of a reformulator is in the two types of esters it uses to clean and lubricate the engine. These processes both ensure that the engine burns fuel more efficiently and runs smoothly, cleanly and efficiently.

The end result is that you get more miles per gallon of gas, i.e. better fuel economy. This means that you need to fill up less often, which reduces your fuel bill, effectively giving you cheaper gas.

Those fleet operators are saving thousands of dollars every quarter because by using a fuel reformulator, the service costs of their vehicles has decreased markedly. The lubricating properties of Ethos reduced engine friction and wear and tear on parts. It will do the same in any internal combustion engine, whether it is a car, bus, truck, boat, train or generator.

Because there is a great reduction in unburnt fuel as a result of using this fuel reformulator, toxic emissions from the tail pipe reduced by over 30% – fantastic for the environment.

When deciding if a fuel reformulator is right for you, consider: lower fuel bills, fewer mechanical repairs, helping the environment, low cost and it is easy to administer. That should be enough, but when adding a “Double Your Money Back” guarantee, trialing a good fuel reformulator is really a no-brainer.

Source by Janelle Elizabeth