How To Do An Oil Change


Changing the oil in your car is easy and can save you a significant amount of money over time. Most manufacturers suggest an oil change every three thousand miles. Many quick oil change businesses will charge up to $50 for this service. If you have the proper tools, you can change your oil in about twenty minutes for under $15.

First, review your owner’s manual to find the quantity and grade of oil to use. Once you have this information then gather the necessary tools and supplies. In order to do an oil change you will need:

-A wrench or socket the correct size for the oil pan plug.
-An oil filter wrench.
-If your car sits low to the ground then you need a jack and jack stands
-A pan large enough to hold the used oil (usually 5 – 6 quarts)
-A funnel
-A proper quantity of new oil
-A new oil filter
-Absorbent pads and a spare rag or two.

First, if you need to jack the car up, engage the parking brake. Lift the car at an appropriate lift point and set the jack stands in place. Safety first! Make certain the car is stable. Now, slide under the vehicle and locate the oil pan. It is usually one of the lowest points of the motor and will have a bolt near the bottom. Slide the container used to catch the used oil so that it’s directly under the oil pan. Use the wrench to loosen the oil pan bolt then hand loosen the rest of the way. Set the bolt aside, avoiding any contamination.

While the oil drains, use the oil filter wrench to loosen the oil filter which is usually located on the side of the motor. Hand loosen the filter and remove. It will be filled with oil so maintain an up position as you remove the filter from the engine compartment. Take the new filter and rub fresh oil along the rubber gasket. Screw the new filter in place – hand tighten only!

After the used oil is completely drained, replace the oil pan bolt and tighten securely with the wrench. Find the oil cap on the top of the motor. Insert the funnel and add the recommended amount of oil. Start the motor briefly. Once the motor stops running, pull the oil dipstick and check the oil level. Dispose of any used oil and the oil filter appropriately, and your oil change is complete!

Car manufacturerssuggest an oil change be done regularly so make sure it’s on your vehicle maintenance list.  Safe Driving.


Source by Bond Mejeh