How To Get A Better Auto Gas Mileage?


Better gas mileage is seen with OLDER models that primarily have carburetors, not new models with fuel injections. The value of the Engine Performance Maximizer for ALL cars and trucks is preventative in nature. Better gas mileage is a win-win for our environment and for our economy.

Automakers may claim gas mileage hurts our economy, but Americans know better — when we guzzle gas, we only help OPEC economies. Better gas mileage is another benefit of strong aerodynamics and downforce. A carefully crafted BMW side skirt pair improves the aerodynamics of a car and produces downforce by manipulating air pressure.

MPG about 19-20, almost all stop and go (in northern NJ, there’s almost nothing else), but the car has less than 10K on it. Sometimes need to gun it just to get out onto a highway. Mpg ratings are set for 55 so if you go over this speed you are in fact going to decrease your mileage since you are moving so much air. Many customers buy a resistor from ebay to trick the intake air temp so the vehicle adds more fuel but this to defeats your goal since pwer means less mpg. Mpg went from 24-28 to 43-48 for my commute. Getting 400 miles on a tank is normal.

MPG has to do with the ‘eficiency’ that the ‘work’ was done at. I think Anonomous is very confused by some Physics terms and is very liberal as to the application of them.

Fuel economy dramatically drops after 55 mph. And driving that much fast only further kills your MPG. Fuel was taken out fron the bottom of the tank where it is coolest. As anybody who has or sells heat pumps using well water for heat exchange will tell you, temperatures underground don’t change very much or very quickly.

Aggressive driving — jackrabbit starts and abrupt braking — can reduce mileage 33% on the highway and 5% in city driving. Again, shades of the computer world foreshadowing the tech frontier’s next act.

Tires are to be filled by the pressure stated on the inside of your door or filler cap. If you carry excessive weight or are in the “heavy” department, you can add 1-2 psi more than what it says. Tires that are inflated to their optimum air pressure will help your car to get much better gas mileage.

Imagine how much energy is required to turn it at 3500rpms. If the engine turns a 1000rpms less, gas mileage should improve. Imagine the money a company with a fleet of Diesel powered vehicles could save over the course of a year. Check it out. Could I really make something like this up? Imagine how much money this would save you at the end of the month and at the end of the year. It is estimated that this could save you as much as $897.40 per year.


Source by Jaison Jacob