How to Get Free Mulch?


How to get free Mulch?

      There are several ways to get free mulch.  One way to get free mulch or at least get a good discount is to check with a local dump or landfill station.  Every year homeowners and landscapers drop of 100s of thousands of yard debris and a lot of it can be turned into excellent mulch. 

       Also you could get free mulch by calling a tree cutting company, they have a mulcher and may even deliver it for free rather than paying to take it to a landfill.  Also craig’ s list is a great place to finds mulching materials or firewood that people are giving away for free.

      Another way to get free mulch is to borrow or rent a wood chipper next time you prune or cut down a tree.  You can rent one from most rental shops and you can feel good that you are recycling your own lawn debris. 

      Another way to save money is to have a neighbor split the cost of delivery.  Often, when you buy 8-14 yards at a time, you can waive a delivery fee altogether.

       If you have Pine trees, they will often give you a free layer of pine needle mulch every year.  Although pine needle mulch isn’t the most attractive, it can certainly prevents weeds and most grasses from growing.

      If you are looking to use mulch to make free organic compost, you can buy a mulching bin and than throw lawn mulch or grass clippings into it on a regular basis along with organic food wastes.  In about a years and a half, your lawn mulch will turn into free organic fertilizer for your lawn.


Source by Spencer Cash